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Events, there's there's a lot of people sitting in front of us, and they kind of asked us questions. A lot of them are asking about the opener that is involved in baseball, which is the new the new thing. Now, they ask about the opener. They asked about hard team's gonna be they're asking about, you know, the new signings that we've had with Nelson Cruz and Johnson scope and so on. A lot of things like that though. And you don't mean the opener in terms of when the season starts when the first game as you mean when you start a relief pitcher. I right. Yeah. Yeah. So they're talking about the release. It seems to be the new craze in baseball. So that's something that people are very curious about how would you like it from the catching standpoint doesn't matter much? You know, what I like it? I think it adds an interesting aspect of the game. When you think about it? From an opposite standpoint. The third time I get through you know, my third I bat when I'm going up to face starting pitcher. And I've seen him twice already. I have a better idea of what I'm looking for. So that's kind of what it's trying to neutralizes is given the opponents a third look at a starting pitcher. What's the score dictates otherwise? But that's you know, the the batting average of the opponent goes way up the third time. They see a pitcher catcher, let's say you've got a starting pitcher traditional way. And it's the third time. And and obviously if he's still in the game he's had some success. What are you thinking? Now, you obviously, you might have got this guy out the first few times you go away from that a little bit wh-. What happens you're in the mind games when you get into that scenario when it is the third back. Well, the score dictates a lot about how we're going to pitch guys in certain situations. Just in this instance. I I think I like it because it will give you a different look at a, you know, a different guy when when the score dictates that we're we're still experimenting with. Oh, I think it's something interesting. What's going on baseball? But there's there's no way to tell if it's worthwhile or not until we get a few years down the road. You're also dealing with the concussions catchers they wash at very closely. How are you with that in in in? How is that changed even since you got in the game in terms of how they monitor that. I think they monitor it very closely. Now, they understand. Things that are going on in other sports such as football, and you know, even parts of hockey and basketball, brain injuries or serious. And this is something that teams wanted to address early. We understand that the dangers that go along with brain injuries later on in life. And I think the twins have done a good job of being conscious of that understanding that you know, brain health comes way before baseball. You know, we're we're really focused on making sure that guys are healthy once they get out of the game. And you know, it's it's interesting to see how the finances coming along with it Mitch garbage in this where I feel for you. When you go we have a concussion, especially in this day and age were so conscientious of it, and we see so many things in pardon the pun. But does it get inside your head? Where you go. Okay. I got a little headache is that the concussion. Do you have to how do you learn what's normal, and what's not normal? Once you've had a concussion. I think that's something that you learn along the way, you know, you understand what normal feels like and just being able to monitor your symptoms. Really? Well, I think sleep is very important. You understand the importance of that? And when you do get a good night's sleep. You know, how your body should feel based off, you know, maybe you don't sleep. So well, maybe it's a travel day, you get in late late dinner, all these things can affect how you feel being able to separate some of the things like that like your diet or your sleep from from your regular activity gives you a better opportunity to to realize, you know, Joe markers went through any move to first base LeVine radio the other day. And he was talking to us about would they sit harbor nineties talking about that with with Mitch they they could see him playing first base left field. Some of those things I I assume they have broach this with you as well. This is a new news. Do you think about that? At all. No. I don't think about it too much that this is something I love to catch. And that's always been my game. I think it's something that I like to do. I think it's something I'm good at. So that's what that's what I'm focusing on right now. I really like where I'm at as far as. You know in my career, receiving wise and and being able to learn pitchers in and learn the league. This is where I'm at right now. I love the catch. That's what I wanna do things progress down the road. And now I can extend my career another way, you know, I'm open to help them helping myself out wins or helping the team win. Anyway. I can't do you have a Bank where to go to keep this my last question. Why do you love to catch a lot of us? Look at it. And we say, you know, a lot of us play baseball on the way. And that's last place. You want to be on the field. Why does it catch your love to catch? What what draws you to that position? Just the action. I mean, you're in every play you have the opportunity to make an an influence both offensively and defensively. It's it's a position. That's very unique. You know, a lot of the game is dictated by you. Whether it be the pace or the the is being called in and the plays that go on throughout the game. You're very involved in that. And I think that's not a lot of guys don't get to experience with other positions. So catching is unique in that aspect mix. You get to the rubber chicken circuit and dazzling tonight and grand forest, but we appreciate it very much look forward to seeing twins versus weekend. All right. That sounds good. I'll see you guys. Are you bet Mitch Garber? Nice enough to join us from the twins caravan. I'll be out of twins fast on Friday and Sunday Friday night doing my sports show and then Sunday with shit Hartman. And Jack Morrison I will be there holding court. So we're gonna have a lot of fun over there Sunday. We'll be there on Friday and sell stop by. If you're in the neighborhood as they say, it's it's a fun. It's a fun venture twins fest because it's different than anything else that you encounter when you see players and you see. What do you call them collectibles? I guess, you know, displays things like that. Now, I gotta say the back in the Metrodome was built for that thing man, that was cool laid all on one floor, and you just walk through. You know, it's not often that craves the Metrodome when it comes to baseball. US Bank stadium is going to be in fact this year. US Bank stadium will take the place of. There. There will be no baseball player this spring because of the final four coming here. It'll be it'll be supplanted. That's what I wanted to say. I wanted to say baseball will be supplanted by the final four in the final four preparations. So you will not have the gophers playing there. You will not have the always had a smattering highschool games and a full schedule small college games, which which they will not have access to this year. So everybody's going to have to go south. When I was in college. We were the first ones I played in the first ever college baseball game at the Metrodome. And it was eight in the morning against Augsburg playing for him. When they come up with to date, they'd always my freshman year in today's they'd always gone south all these teams went south to prepare for the upcoming season. I'll college baseball teams there you go down you play a circuit you travel throughout whatever it is. And somebody said, well, why don't we just get all these teams to play the dope. So they did. And it was good. And it was a great idea. The problem was there's still too many teams for one facility that the number of teams that wanted to partake in this event. So what they had to do was start to games early. And then.

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