Lancaster, Cutler, Yorkshire discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast - RHEFP 4 - John Robins and Ahir Shah


I think we're why white white roses aren't we in yorkshire ira you can remember because of game of thrones its atlantis turn stark a lancaster and yorker in what i don't remember what color leinster star cutler said it doesn't help my rise of memory system that doesn't as just another thing do you remember i don't remember that size how you by gauges did you think young people are going to get i mean it feels like with the carbon things but especially that was young people going behind him a little bit i mean i know are slightly critical in the show which are now young people generation getting really behind something does mean that we can lose slightly less badly than we expected today that's really been mindblowing g didn't get trounced yes do you think you will because it just feels to me i was on as the clock showed breaking news the other day and we have to complete quite an elderly audience and we have to completely saying saying someone like fifty percent of old pre of people over people have fifty five don't care about and then went had found in the banks and i said anything but themselves and the oldest and find it funny but over the people around it but it but you know it feels like it feels like those by i mean he's very much that baby boomer generation of the people in who've had this kind of charmed life front in the '60s all the way through everything's gone their way and now the solve pulling out the draw the pulling up the ladder one else can get up that letter were pulling up the ladder setting fire to the latter hovering all ladder manuals systematically underfunding every large fact retrospectively denying the existence of ladders wallclimbing the in their day they were simply better at jump.

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