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Here anymore. I don't live here anymore. We have a place out here, do just so we don't have to stay in hotel. Right. But most of the time you spend in the country. Yeah, Virginia or actually or in Austin. That's where I'm from all my family's there. Right there in Austin. Yeah. Oh, because I thought like I noticed this new film shot in Texas. I was wondering if it was sort of like back in Texas. I do feel like that I have. I have quite a lot of homes. Yeah, I made mean the, you know. Houses in my heart. Yeah. Yeah. But like Texas the original one, that's the original one. And is it? Well, I mean, it's completely Austin's. Got to be completely different from when you were a kid. I mean, it's crazy. I actually grew up in northeast Texas and much more rural area. Arming area kind of the piney woods. Oh, there's piney woods in northeastern, Texas. Oh, yeah, it's beautiful there. It's much it's it's where the the, that whole mountain range, you know, the smokey mountain, Blue Ridge mountains up there, all it starts there and then right? We just have little hill, right? I grew up in New Mexico Albuquerque. So I down in south east, south New Mexico, southern New, Mexico, Texas, and you drive. I mean, I've driven down all the way cross Texas, and those towns are just they're, they're just waking four buildings on a highway and then just miles of nothing. But I mean they're farmland. Do you do have it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I love. I love Texas. If that designs your consciousness. So out of space up there a lot of space space and how Where'd you? Like what kind of families grow up? What was the business? My father was agriculturalist soil and water conservationist. Do you work for the state? He did and he worked with farmers and help them with their crops and tried to make it grow anything. He was, you know, just a, he would bang on the door if he thought we re using too much water in the bathtub. Bang on the bathroom was way ahead of the curve on the way ahead of conservation of water has always been an issue there because dry aired well, it is, but I think that his belief was there's one air and there's one water and we need to protect it and soil conservation because there's. In. He, he wanted people to become aware of of protecting their orient from soil erosion, right? And depleting it that and my mother was a was precious. Homemaker and was like, did you live on a big chunk of property? No, we lived in a little house in a little town town, a little tiny town thousand people. He never had his own farm or anything. He did, but that was earlier. He never had a farm movie worked. He had a cotton farm in west Texas out in near Lubbock, but that was that. That was before me. He decided he's, he's going to get out of that, right. He would just a man of the land appreciated the land. So you always just driving around, do you have a truck now? We didn't have a truck. My my father's family was check. Like first generation American. My great grandfather was his grandfather was. They came over from, actually, it was Monrovia before Maria Slovakia and Bohemia. So it's really Spacek is how it's pronounced never pronounced that way in northeast Texas became spacing. So. There's no h in without it's written. We're not going to say the my mother's family was they were. Irish English. So I had. And you know, there were no, no cowboy boots? No, no, no pickup trucks. No, we had, you know, German saw sausage, and you know it was very, very check that the town where my father grew up, which loosened central Texas. Everyone spoke Czech and German, probably to chairman, spoke and drank long neck ballgame. We're learning about how the Germans came to Texas. They, they brought the polka and they brought the their accordion, yes, but I love of the land. The of real love of the lion. Yeah, there's still a lot of that. I think I imagined that some Texas barbecue is routed back to the German and homemade pickles. And it was they brought all that. Yeah..

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