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Smoothie King. Well, the day Air Force One is getting a lot of work this week flying President Biden to England for the G seven, then Brussels for the NATO summit today, Switzerland Wednesday for the Biden Putin meeting, then back to Washington. The White House is waiting for new planes, but it's going to have to wait longer securing America, acting Assistant Air Force Secretary Darlene Costello told the House Armed Services subcommittee. Boeing has given notice that New Air Force One jets won't be ready until 2025 about a year late. That doesn't mean that we agree with that yet we're in the middle are program team is looking at what they have assumed in their schedule and doing it what we call a scheduled risk assessment. To kind of involved with the program schedule would be The Wall Street Journal has reported Boeing plans to ask for another $500 million to complete delivery of two Air Force 17 40 sevens, citing the coronavirus pandemic. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News reporter who broke what became a big story and issue in the 2016 presidential campaign has died in an apparent suicide. 45 year old Christopher sign was found dead Saturday morning by Hoover Police in his scout terrorist Alabama home. Police say the death is being investigated as a suicide sign, wrote a book about the Clinton Lynch encounter called Secret on the tarmac. After that story broke in early summer, 2016. Then attorney General Lynch publicly stated that she and Bill Clinton did not discuss the Hillary Clinton email controversy on that. Tarmac at the height of the 2016 presidential campaign. In spite of the denials from Lynch, the story became a talking point for then candidate Trump as well as conservative media claim. Lynch was being forced in and not investigating the Clinton email scandal. Ted Lindner Fox News on Wall Street stock futures arising modestly. There are also gains in most markets overseas. In the NBA playoffs. The Phoenix Suns advanced to the Western Conference finals, completing the sweep of the Denver Nuggets while Milwaukee beat Brooklyn. Even that series, 22. Novak Djokovic won tennis's French Open. Kyle Larson won the NASCAR.

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