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The fifteenth of January it is always a long everybody you know in a way honestly it was kind of anti climactic the signing of the partial U. S. trying to trade deal this morning there was some speechifying of course about five minutes of actual signing in hand shaking and then it was done ninety four pages in all China promises the by two hundred billion dollars in U. S. goods and services over the next two years the U. S. gets market access over there and some technology transfer protections the devil of course is in the details and it has to be said here that almost all of president trump's tariffs on Chinese imports stay but it's a start especially for American farmers who have been whacked the hardest by this trade war we've gotten Abraham this on the phone she is a fourth generation corn and soybean farmer in Franklin County I she is also the one if you remember let me driver combine when we were out there a couple of months ago April it's great to have you back on again yeah great to hear from you so were you watching this morning or were you out working I know it's cold and snowy and got beat in Iowa in January so I was inside glued to the TV waiting for her all of the big numbers and are you satisfied with with the numbers as we know them so far well you know what there is thank you wrote so many numbers that you know what I'm sticking with is the forty billion that Chinese vice minister said China would promise to buy that's the forty billion yeah and then war if needed so that's a huge jump from what we have been doing even from two thousand seventeen when we're hitting records so you know well where we're at yeah but wait if they were hit records before and now it's even more do you think they can actually do it because that's that's the the not graph on this whole thing right yes it is none of us farmers are running out like the president's and buying tractors and buying more land let me just put that out there right now those for the record numbers in two thousand seventeen and we've gone way down from there yeah since the terrace of them put on so it's gonna be hard to regain that market share and then add on top of that so I guess were all optimistically our whole that yeah but that's farming so right right look you you go back and forth a China lot you do a lot of you know sort of client and customer management over there if you talk to anybody over there about this yet I'm a little bit my brother and one sister on actually live in China so we talked about it he was back over Christmas and you know they're all looking forward to it and what we forget in America is they need this deal just as much as we do so are we tend to look past that I think but some that's the most we've talked about it we didn't have any kind of specific numbers then but I think they're looking for to some kind of a deal what's the Z. yeah what's the buzz at the place you and I had lunch what's what's the name of the place Bradford cafe yeah number two tenderloin and Iowa and actually I had with the coffee boys that you meant some of them I said okay I'm gonna be talking the chi reinstall tomorrow what's what do you guys think and they all said you know it was kinda I hate to use the movie line but show me the money you know it's and and we're going into now where Brazil's crop is coming online there soybean crop so they traditionally China moves and buys from Brazil now so what at what all of us are thinking is we really won't see an increase in prices until later in the year and in fact I just got my text message from my Cargill processing plant in soybeans are down thirteen and a half so market's gonna do it it's been in there right yeah so it was kind of a you know okay all right well tell you what I'll be back out there like when the weather's warmer spring time maybe that work for you yes I just got another plan so commonplace now in our these soon all right bye thanks April him is there out in Iowa we got on Skype this afternoon the details are finally out on this deal with that does not mean aren't still bunch questions many of which came from you because we asked you to send them the threat Johnson from Los Angeles what third party country benefited the most while the saga played on for example where China sign unexpected deals that may otherwise have had here great question right who picked up the business the United States has lost in the past year or so marketplace Kimberly Adams has the answer search I didn't really need to sign a bunch of new trade deals the country's businesses just sold their stuff elsewhere to make up for the drop in US sales and bought more from other suppliers instead of the US on the export side Chinese companies sold more to Europe exports were up almost ten percent in the U. K. and there was an even bigger increase in exports to other Asian countries on the import side at the Asia focused financial services group and the more I dug into this and pointed to the windfall that came to countries like Chile Malaysia and Argentina due to a surge in demand for the agricultural goods China used to buy from the US the biggest winner though was a Vietnam which picked up business from companies shifting supply chains out of China to avoid those terrorists Kimberly Adams for us in Washington more of your questions her answers elsewhere in the program today on Wall Street is Wednesday mostly pleased I guess we'll have the details when we do the numbers the retail lesson of this Wednesday is old what a difference a quarter make started said.

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