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Yeah, boots as defender, but those guys are gone. So now you look at him and say, I don't know if you can hang with Golden State by trying to outscore their. That's not having that ain't happening seven game series. Now for four, four games, you're not going to beat them out of seven. Yeah. No, I agree with that. The interesting part will be, I think with them is, you know, Trevor is still play. I had the game Phoenix, Dallas. I was doing sideline to that game and Trevor was their second leading score in that game and was playing great defense. And you're just like you're looking at like, ooh, here's the other thing with the Lakers. Is that really outside of Sacramento and Barclay brought this up last night on the broadcast outside of Sacramento? I don't even think the Suns are going to be a complete pushover. Right. I think that adding eight and I think is going to help. He's young. I get it not, but they have veteran guys. Now they've got a Reza. They've had Tyson Chandler, they just added Jamal Crawford, who eventually going to get in the fro there, right? Ryan Anderson is a veteran guy to help those young guys along. So they're no longer going to be the team that. Every single night is basically get pummeled. They're gonna win thirty thirty two games, and that means somebody's gonna have to lose to them. I agree with you. And I, I think Phoenix has made a big big leap this summer, you know, with additions of the veterans that they've that they've signed to go along with the young court, they got, like you said, that's a great mix to me right when you got Trevor REEs Tyson Chandler, Ryan Anderson book day Booker, flat out can get going the young fellow, which I think probably be rookie of the year. I mean, that'd be great. I Thompson yesterday that Deandra already the greatest Bahamian player. Well, then Sam, but anyways. Sorry, but but no, but I think they put a nice little nucleus together. You know, with the with the vets young guys, if they can all mash together, I agree with you. I think they're gonna win thirty seven games, which means you know, Lakers Houston goes, they do not go and sleeping on these guys because they will bite you and your buddies do. There are no easy nights. Basically in the Western Conference show Lonzo yesterday plays nineteen minutes. First half, he looked like a mess. Second half he looked a little better, look more under control. The wind is something that they're dealing with there, but I did like the fact that at least in the second half, he looked more like the guy we expected rugby being those add minutes more comfortable. And again, you gotta understand what young guys when they're coming off injuries, you know, they're, they're gun shy there gunshot when you get them in the game, they don't understand. You know how to play through any type of injury or any type of pain. They're trying to just figure it out every little step. They take thinking, maybe something's gonna hurt or something. So I thought after he got through the initial reaction of. Just kind of playing the game in the first half put him in the second half. He felt like, okay, cool. I know I can just go out here and play. Nothing's gonna break or anything. I can just be myself and I thought the second. Have you played a whole lot better? Yeah, I don't think there's any doubt that I thought he played. He played actually pretty well actually hit the two shots at he hit in the second half defensively. He was active the interesting part, and I'm gonna get this on the other side. Both actually was three guys him Rondo and Stevenson. The blazers kept doing one particular thing with those guys and it was really successful. And I'm curious to see if other teams try to emulate that. We'll tell you what that is in just a second Byron. Scott is in the house is the Sodano show. We got one more segment to go because we're taking the dodger baseball. You're on ESPN LA seven, ten final segment of the show today. Sodano show here ma'am. Byron, Scott is in the house NBA champion with your Los Angeles. Lakers Lakers of course tomorrow at staple center hottest.

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