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To stubhub, grab tickets stubhub is the official. Excuse me official fan ticket. Marketplace of stubhub be there. Okay. So California's defense gotta do some work here. Stanford comes with the number eight offense at the conference number nine defense number two in path offense, Castillo covenant. His Dr seven for nine for one twenty two with a touchdown. So far. First and ten at his panel. Running back is Bryce love. They give it a lava goes into the center of the line is grabbed from behind. But he's still gets out across the fifteen crew about the sixteen yard line, by the way that was a forty yarder moment ago tackles made by Weaver and Becker, rusty Becker senior. America grove maple grove in of soda. Always amazed by Bryce love because you watch him. And he's he's in pain when he's walking on the sideline he was limping in this game all season long. But it seems like as soon as they put that ball in his hands. The pain turns off because he finds a way to play through five yard gain seconded five fifteen yard line for Stanford from our right to our left. Receivers on both sides hand off to the right and bouncing over a defender nicely done by love. So we wondered whether it'd get back into way was walking around favorite ankle. But he just did. And he got four yards on the play. It'll bring up a third and one tapa made by Ashton, David. Big play here for the bear. Deep end Stanford off the field and another big stop here meets field position that their offense petitioning cute heart of game planning attack. They've got these really big tie-down Stanford. They've got three receivers out to the left. Fellow has cameras scarlet back. Yeah. Fix one to sixteen running back. He way forward for I doubt only got a yard or so, but that's all they needed. Maybe as many as two a market for to I ten out of the twenty two yard line. Kevin Paul, make the stopper California. He's at the mar he'll be back next year. Talking to Tim to route or part of the concept the offense or defense make them take as much time as they can as many places it takes to get there. Because they're likely to make a mistake right now picking home the short plays. Not the big ones. They're in business. Now, we are at the end of the first quarter was Stanford up. Ten nothing. Listening to Cal football from learfield. I'm kings today. I speak on behalf of Bud Light and the most sacred traditions the tailgate in my days collegiately, each I hosted the very first tailgate in your woods. We didn't have coolers sports, basically, just in the woods. But we had Bud Light..

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