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Like e could've held off. He's like hey we're not playing. We might as was fucking do it now like how. Why would it does happen yesterday? I don't know I. He must've in classic mets fashion. He must have fallen out of bed on his arm and like torn as UCLA. Like that's what they said it was bothering him towards the end of the camp before like everyone got ice. Oh did I say that? I didn't see that okay. I've thought but I could be making that up like you know what do it now. What what's the reason? Wait when we have. We're doing nothing. Well he's going to miss into the summer next year. It's not just going to. He's back for spring training and he's all set like this might as well do it. Now Kiss. Judge can Israeli rib injury you might as well just removing the RIB at this point. But that's a good point is up last night. I couldn't. I lost the ability to sleep at this point. Partly because I'm back in Video Game Haute where I just play in the water in the morning and then all of a sudden I'm wired and Can't sleep watching this Blake lively movie age of Adeline having pretty much in tears in bed. It was so dramatic and sad. Been WATCHING A lot. Blake lively and five. Am I'm literally scrolling through twitter? And I get one refresh before I close my eyes. Awesome Jeff. Passengers drops an article on everybody and it gives us hope we have hope again so apparently the last ten days. Major League Baseball on the MVP have been meeting in the conference calls all this certain players trout etc. Yelich and they basically are planning for an early July or early. June. Start date where they'd have scheduled doubleheaders sometimes multiple in a week is players are pushing for this so they can get as many as as close to a hundred and sixty two games as possible and then we'd have a season and then. They pushed the regular season into October like Middle October late. October and November will be playoffs with neutral site stadiums. And that's our season back in. We're looking forward to the fact that they're planning for that and it sounded like visit deadline. I believe at the end of the day Wednesday. She might know about this already by the time. You're listening to this. It's it just gave me hope because I had anything I I honestly live my life in such a pessimistic fashion that like I expect the absolute.

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