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1300 the waiting for the shotgun staff now use aama moves into the slot dot who catches the football these back to throw inches up in the pocket throne the local portland twelve forty yard touchstone very go both lead with forty four seconds go in case you didn't know that was the bengals call on the end of the game the bagels the beat the ravens on espn fifteen thirty and why is that important because with that unbelievable comeback late in the game at forty nine your touchdown with about thirty eight seconds left that had the bengals knocking off the ravens and because the bills beat the dolphins 2216 earlier it clinched buffaloes first playoff berth since 1999 and snapped a streak of seventeen straight seasons without going to the postseason the longest streak in all four major pro sports in north america the bills mafia is riding high this morning so congratulations and of course of the pills are sending wings to the vanko here they really when they really are made of doing that they are sending buffalo wings who cincinnati so kudos all the way around it was a crazy enter the nfl's regulars season eight new teams in the playoffs that weren't they were a year ago that tied for the most new playoff teams in the wild card era including all four nfc division winners damazin usually a five in 5 out yet eight of the twelve this year were not in the postseason a year ago and of course the monday after the final game of the regular season the final week of the regular season the nfl always a tough one for coaches we've already had three coaches fired we're going to have a new coach in new york obviously other colts fired head coach chuck for ghana workers third straight non winning season and the raiders fired jack del rio amid speculation they are about to hire john group and that.

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