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I think that's a violation by the player putting his business out there. He was Saito whatever regard it it may have been used but maybe that's the reason why they have so much success in Golden State. There's a little bend over backwards trying to there are a lot of coaches out here and one thing I coach high school ball and the one thing that's it's important to me is to be able to relate to my guys if I can relate to them. They'll do as much as they possibly can to have success so I don't get I don't get out. I don't cross the line that represents my authoritative leadership but with that being said those are adults you are coaching adults. They are coaching pro. Let me say this like I said I've smoked. My whole career. I WANNA championship with Steve. Kerr was the best he may we had on the team. I never hung out. I've never seen that side of him so if you if I just see him as a player uh-huh you know you're not gonna see the side of them as a coach. I'm sorry I'm just not going to miss out on some good bluffs road. I'm the best I wanted the best. That's now a couple of former pro bowl this John Mary minute cliff April time now for a big story. Let's move to Dallas for Dak.. Prescott is entering the last year of his rookie contract and is expected to get a big extension from the cowboys any day okay now but not everyone thinks that would be such a great idea with pro football focus arguing the Jerry Jones should cut bait with deck who they say hasn't shown much development since his rookie year and could hamstring the team with a massive new deal. I think this is a little bit harsh. A little bit harsh. I said a little bit harsh but Marsov authorities yeah crazy idea for the cowboys to move on from that is not crazy man is it's crazy to think about their real problem which is an abundance of riches in terms of talent. They got a lot of players. There are going to look for some big paydays coming up soon and Dak Prescott. Where does he fall in that pecking order? He gets Kinda low. If you start to think about his performance you want to hear something harse boy. You don't want to argue a pro football focus. I just I'm so glad I retired before they came out or they will break you <music> Dan man and they get it right. They called him and I quote profoundly average quarterback all profoundly average quarterback who's basically dressed up with a defense and the running game everything nothing else is putting lipstick on this pig as they want to say it. I liked deck. I really liked that. I don't love back to the tune of his floor is now thirty million dollars and is silly me exceed Carson Winston get into mid thirties just in terms of annual salary so I think just because of all the talent they have and the fact that maybe you can roll the dice and win a different way at that position. It won't be crazy if you let them go you know I hate to say this because no no I do I do because I love to see guys get paid advocate. I'm always about when you've been playing well. You earned it. I want you to hit him hit him while you can because they will hit you when they can in this case if Dallas Cowboys Boys Give Dak Prescott thirty million dollars a year it will be the worst mistake in the history of the franchise that they've ever made. No you know I played here. No no sign me that was all you lose the third one you would never three it was one more and more after that though but if they do this the reason why they give him this type of money. It's going to take three of three to five years to recover from it because now you're gonNA start trading defensive players way trading Olam the way other guys this should desert deserve to get paid they won't we'll get paid and check this up. Forty eight forty ever go season games..

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