Thousands attend vigil for Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims


Federal court is expected to be a brief one to transfer the prosecution case to the southern district of New York, which is where five of the bombs were discovered. David Schaper, NPR news Fort Lauderdale in baseball. The Boston Red Sox are this year's World Series champions. They beat the Los Angeles Dodgers five to one last night in Los Angeles, Boston Steve Pearce was declared the series most valuable player. He was thrilled by the honor filling my life. And this is what you. Are gonna wishing that you could be something like this. And with the special group of guys out there to celebrate with them that was awesome Pierce had three home runs in the last two games, including two last night. The Red Sox have now won four titles in fifteen seasons. The dodgers haven't won a championship in thirty years. This is NPR news from Washington. This is WNYC from New York. Good morning. I'm Richard Hake. Seven four fifty one degrees. Clouds right now, we could see some showers this morning, but then clearing up to partly sunny skies today with a high near fifty five degrees Jewish community. Members are mourning the victims of last weekend's shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, a group gathered outside of a family service center in flatbush for a vigil where Jewish leaders assured residents that their safety is a top priority. Several elected officials also joined congresswoman Yvette Clark called on Brooklyn residents to find strength in the community. It is up to us here in Brooklyn to set the example of how we pulled together during times of tragedy to raise up one another's Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams who helped organize the gathering called on off duty officers to carry their firearms into houses of worship also more than a thousand people attended a service in a call to action out of New Jersey synagogue in response to the shooting WNYC. Nancy Solomon reports the crowd erupted in applause when governor Phil Murphy called for more gun control. But the biggest reaction came. When rabbi Clifford Cohen help President Trump responsible for the rise in antisemitic violence. It

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