Dow up more than 400 points as stocks aim to end an ugly October on an upbeat note


Points up by one percent, NASDAQ up one hundred forty four points and advanced today of just about two point two point zero one percent. So stocks rallied for a second day to close out one of the worst months of the bull market on an upbeat note for the month S and P five hundred index lost about six point nine percent. But a move higher. Sean crews as manager of trading strategy at TD Ameritrade a. He was our guest right here on Bloomberg BusinessWeek and ahead of next week's election. He offered up this advice for clients right now. I think if you look at the Mitcham election be it any sort of trade policy discussions view, these as did some of those bigger macro risks that sometimes the best way to prepare for those is and make sure you are aware of where all the risk is in your portfolio and making sure that your balancing, you're comfortable with the very exposures you have and among today's stock standouts General Motors. It surge nine percent. Following a strong quarterly earnings report with a plan to keep cutting costs by starting voluntary severance program for some employees, sprint and T mobile mobile. US soaring after executives of both companies expressed optimism that they're twenty six point five billion dollar merger is headed for approval. Sprint shares up. Seven point eight percent t mobile up by seven point two percent. Recapping stocks higher SNP up Twenty-nine up one point one. One percent. The Dow up two hundred forty two up one percent. Nasdaq up two percent gold down five tenths of one percent. And west Texas intermediate crude down one point seven percent. I'm Charlie pelletan. That is a Bloomberg business flash.

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