BBC launches new radio and podcast app



The latest poll news BBC sounds music radio podcasts, the BBC has officially launched BBC sounds. They're radio an audio app, which brings together eighty thousand hours of unmissable music radio podcasts. Available live and on demand in a personalized single app and website the app is only available for download in. The u k the BBC didn't supply detail of when it might be available for the rest of the world. The website is however available to all those some content is jail locks. BBC sounds includes a limited selection of third party podcasts with six podcasts highlighted in the release. None of which you're actually available through the way and others checked. We asked about the criteria for inclusion and whether these third party podcasts included advertising, the BBC didn't respond. We estimate the BBC's to be the world's second largest podcast publisher. Congratulations to the winners of the Latin podcast awards special. Congratulations to produce support. Allen tapper for his award. You can be like Alan and support us live podcasts. Fun to watch live podcast with beer, even funner the unfiltered gentlemen and booze league will be recording live at eight one eight brewing in Canoga park in California on Saturday. Mid roll have offered advice on how to best make podcast advertising work feel brand. And who it's Halloween and therefore podcast websites. Share the scariest podcast stories we've ever heard and Pacific content post advice on how to dress up as your favorite podcast. And as part of the BBC sounds launch the BBC also launched beyond today. Daily news podcast. It's a spinoff from BBC radio. Four's today programme

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