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Ride rusty Mellberg WTMJ news. Not everyone is happy to see the focus of growth in Milwaukee. Focus on downtown alderman. Bob Donovan has been an opponent of the streetcar certainly we all want a vibrant downtown. That's all good. The neighborhoods are where most of the people do their living and and business in and so on so we need to redirect our efforts as far as I'm concerned too are struggling neighborhoods. No word if he will at least ride the hop at any point a nonprofit trying to set up shelter homes for homeless LBJ Q teenagers in Milwaukee. Getting a boost from a well known national couple on Friday, courage. N que es fundraiser was joined by Judy and Dennis Shepard. Who son Matthew was left for dead out in the Wyoming prairie twenty years ago due to his sexual orientation, Matt everyone was for people to be nicer each other kind and understanding and respectful Judy and Dennis travel the country to share a message. To try a hate as for courage house. They are expected to open in February in Walker's point downtown, Milwaukee will also see one of its Crosswalks take on more colorful appearance today downtown Milwaukee in downtown Milwaukee. We'll see one of its Crosswalks take on more colorful appearance today, do Crosswalks north Jefferson and east wells. We'll have rainbow colors added starting at ten AM. It is being done to honor the city's LBJ Q history nearby is where one of the nation's longest running LBJ t q bars, this is it operates, and we're Milwaukee's first pride March in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and did.

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