This Week in Sports History


In one thousand nine hundred fifty seven the Brooklyn Dodgers announced their move to Los Angeles, Los Angeles agreed to build the team a new stadium something that Brooklyn wouldn't agree to the dodgers played their first four seasons. At the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before opening Dodger Stadium on April tenth nineteen sixty two. And this week in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine Herschel Walker is traded from the Dallas Cowboys to the Minnesota Vikings for five players and six draft picks. This is regarded as the best trade in NFL history. Well for the Cowboys Walker had no success in Minnesota while the Cowboys built their team up with players like Emmett Smith Russell Maryland Kevin Smith and Darren Woodson that's your iheartradio weekend sports time capsule. Get ready to binge. It's new to view streaming edition new to Netflix this week. Check out some new stand up from Moammar or the new cooking series called salt fat acid heat for the kids. You've got new seasons of Sofia the first boss baby back in business and Octo nuts.

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