Americans Getting Fatter: Obesity Rates Over 35 Percent In 7 States


Are fat and getting fatter. A new report says for the first time obesity rates top thirty five percent in seven states that's up from five states two years ago. In addition, no state had a notable improvement in its obesity rate over the previous year. The study is by the trust for America's health and the Robert Wood Johnson foundation. Both nonprofit health groups the presidents of trust for America's health says the good news is that there is growing evidence that certain prevention programs can reverse the trends, but he says they're just not fully implemented states with obesity rates of thirty five percent or more now include Iowa and Oklahoma. They had already included Alabama Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia. How about this in two thousand twelve no state had an obesity rate of thirty five percent or more. Now, there are seven states. West Virginia is worst with more than thirty eight percent of adults obese Colorado has the lowest adult obesity. The rate in the nation.

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