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It's twenty nine degrees and sunny in Boston at two o'clock. Here's what's happening. The Turkey gravy, mashed potatoes and stuffing are digested. And today. A lot of people are working off those thanksgiving calories. Trying to rack up black Friday deals. It's always a busy time of year at the outlets and Wrentham which opened at midnight and police chief Bill McGrath is asking people to be patient, and you have four thousand spots and fifty thousand people over the course of a of a three or four day event. It's kind of hard to park and it's going to cause back up. No matter what you do. He also says all traffic heading to the mall is restricted to just one route today and that's route ninety five at exit fifteen shoppers are being told to ignore any alternate routes. They're GPS may recommend because they're shut down to avoid clogging. Sidestreets not designed to handle that kind of traffic while the mood. Among the crowds of holiday shoppers seems to be good everyone getting along no pushing shoving at least at one location CBS. Is Cristiano Cordeiro is at the mall of America in Bloomington. Minnesota when the doors open.

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