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New York scientists with the intergovernmental panel on climate change or in South Korea. Now, they released a report today that details what would have to be done in order to keep global temperatures from rising more than one and a half degrees celsius in short. It would take drastic action and soon so what is the significance of one and a half degrees? Marketplace's jed Kim reports in two thousand fifteen the Paris climate agreement saw the countries of the world commit to keeping temperature rise limited to two degrees celsius, but they also agreed to try to keep it even cooler. That's. Especially important to small island nations forming might actually really compromise their existence. Kelly Levin is with the world Resources Institute. She says sticking to one point five degrees would be much safer, bud. Much harder essentially have to slash emissions to half of what they are on today by twenty thirty on and face completely before mid-century Nigel is CEO of climate advisers. He hopes the new report will help convince governments and corporations they need to increase their emissions reduction efforts the temperature is rising faster than previously thought the impacts are worse than previously thought and we need to get moving. Some estimates say we're far off from hitting even the

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