Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Quietly Met With the Saudi Crown Prince


Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin met with Saudi Arabia's embattled crown prince Mohammad bin Salman today, the Saudi foreign minister posted a photo of the meeting on its Twitter account and late today the eve of glitzy three day investment conference in Saudi Arabia. Mnuchin has said he would not attend the conference but would discuss counter-terrorism efforts with Saudi officials Daniel wrenches reports. The US treasury secretaries canceled participation in the future investment initiative, showcase for crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman, economic reform plans, but Steven Mnuchin hasn't cancelled his visit and says they'll continue to talks on efforts to combat terrorism financing and countering Iran. Meanwhile, the president's son-in-law Jared Kushner says they'll still in the fact finding phase while new surveillance videos released by Turkey sharing. What's he still to be a Saudi agent leaving the consulates wearing Jamal Kushtia clothes shortly? After the Saudi gentlest was allegedly murdered in. What appears to have been an effort to cover it up Daniel wrenches, Washington. President Trump's main reason for avoiding major punishment for Saudi Arabia's detention and death of Jamal Khashoggi is coming under fire the arms deal of one hundred forty billion dollars with the kingdom. First of all. It's hardly one hundred forty billion dollars worth. It's only fourteen and a half billion so far and some of that amount results from previous deal under President Obama. The rest is non-binding promises. Then there are the even more inflated claims over the number of US jobs created by the sale starting at four hundred and fifty thousand the Washington Post says that would be more than the three hundred fifty five thousand employed by the total US military manufacturing sector of the economy. Trump. Escalated that to half a million US jobs, then six hundred thousand and finally over a million best case estimate would be no more than forty thousand jobs reporter, Simon Mark says Moore, it's a very live issue following the acknowledgement by the government in Riyadh off two weeks of lies the journalist Jamal Khashoggi did die violently in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Earlier this month. President Trump says he has no intention of scrapping a weapons deal with Saudi Arabia that he incorrectly claims will create one million jobs in America's defense sector. The reality is that it won't do any such thing. And the British government is also on defy for contemplating weapons sales to Riyadh. Not least because of the Saudi led military intervention in Yemen. It is estimated to have killed more than fifteen thousand innocent civilians. Jeremy hunt is Britain's Foreign Secretary. We do not pursue profit at any cost the relationship goes. As well beyond the commercial side. There's a strategic partnership in the region to try and bring peace and constrain the destabilizing activities of Iran. Nonetheless. Of course, there are going to be very very serious consequences. I'm not gonna say that because I I need to look at this investigation. We he's independent done the business in terms of being credible. And we'll send you to see how the Saudis this is the crucial thing how they will say react to the findings of the investigation. Then we'll take out his his critics say there's no need to wait for the investigation. There're djing western governments to block arm sales to Riyadh with FSN spotlight. I'm Simon marks lake is a veteran for correspondent who specialized in coverage of the Middle East. His latest book is the Iran agenda today, the real story inside Iran, and what's wrong with US policy. He told as Philip mulberry on the Sunday show that while Jamal kashogi was a sharp critic of Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin. He was hardly a revolutionary and was in fact of Royal lineage himself, he doesn't he come from a wealthy well-connected family the name, Adnan. Associ- might be familiar. He was the arms dealer multi-billion multi-billionaire. That's his uncle multi-billionaire guy involved in the wrong contra and numerous scandals of years past apparently he did not like inherit or get any of his uncle's money. But that gives you an idea of the family. He was a journalist. He was a worked as a diplomat. He was worked as adviser to the top Royal family princes, and he was very much part of the Saudi ruling elite. But he had his falling out, particularly when Muhammad then bin Salman, the NBS came to power, by the way, you don't get elected in Saudi Arabia. You. There's over well over one hundred princes of the king, the king has multiple wives. They each have several kids, and there's a lot of backstabbing figuratively and literally that goes on in the Royal family. And so when NBS came to power was in the outs, and he went into exile in the US. He. When Virginia became a columnist for the Washington Post, and he was a critic of Saudi Arabia, but a from still within the system itself, he was not calling for the overthrow of the monarchy and establishment of a democratic parliamentary system. He wanted to see changes. In the policy, and he had some ties with Muslims with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a political Islam is group of conservative nature. But generally does want to see changes away from the kind of ultra right-wing. Fundamentalist version of Islam practice. What's called Wahabism? That's practiced in Saudi Arabia. Well. This it would appear that Mohammed bin Salman. The crown prince is quite thin skinned and any any even minor criticism is not tolerated. Yeah, we'll remember when he came to power one of the first things he did was imprisoned a bunch of fellow princes and multibillionaires in a fancy five star hotel, but block them in and in some cases, tortured them into basically giving up billions of dollars in return for their freedom. And that the other example was remember he was lauded for allowing women to drive right for finally changing Saudi policy, but just prior to the implementation of that law. He arrested a bunch of women who have been advocating that. So he if there's going to be any change he wants to make it. He doesn't want any kind of grassroots efforts organized opposition. And that's what the murder was all about in his father. The king is usually. Portrayed as quite debilitated. And consequently. An ephemeral kind of leader. Yeah. I mean, it's the sort of thing, that's shrouded in mystery. But as far as I can tell the guy is out of it, mentally is not really able to govern day-to-day. And and NBS is the the functioning leader of Saudi Arabia KPFA upfront has Brian Edwards as demont harbor, but director of research and analysis at the center in Washington DC, why the crown prince appears to have been involved in a plot to kill kashogi for one thing. He had ever is a is one. It SM visas one and is series of a whole bunch of people who have been killed by been disappeared and prisons or anywhere in over the last ten fifteen years that has been the first day. He may not be the last really has this issue with the absolute ownership and absolute control. He he will what he gets out of it is he silences yet another voice that is supposedly that that was telling the truth about what Hamad. Projects for the kingdom. The future of the kingdom. On what besides economically polar, social, the tabby whatever a domestic job. She was basically bringing the truth to the world about what really means what they mean store. Have these these projects? Nobody wants nobody is. Trying to diversify its economy. Nobody is. Saudi Arabia for trying to shoot is regional, you know security, and he's the problem is how are you doing this? Gemology died because he basically. Some blame on Muhammed or not doing that. I think by by the country's what he gets out of it is again, like I said you side. That's his voice is decided this Levy have bring Lance economically, socially, or politically that the that the been ceremony has been trying to get over the last few years, but up until this point. Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia had very effectively gotten most of the western media to frame him as little more than a liberal reformer inside Saudi Arabia, and kind of erase everything else that you talked about. Not to describe him as a tyrant consolidating power within Saudi Arabia, and certainly not to spend much time on the war. He's prosecuting in Yemen. This seems to be like the first major public relations. Disaster from Mohammed bin Salman. Do you think? He just thought killing a Washington Post turn A-List wouldn't try this kind of tension. I have a feeling that he's saying, but we'll draw special attention as far as he is. You have to also remember this person has only come on the scene over the last three years three and a half years. He had no political experience as far as knowing what the world is about. So as far as I'm concerned, it's a lot of hubris. He thinks that whatever he does is gonna be bought by by the international community, especially by by Washington. And unfortunately, American journalists have really fallen or the this thing. He's he's you know, he left women Dr. Big deal. I mean, this is their right? Why would why why should they wait for somebody to let them drive? I mean, it's absurd flor- Florida for American actually some other western Europeans. Why shouldn't you penalty for this? This is great. This is his decorum. Does the society? This is for me. A lot of people in the United States. Surprisingly, so sold sold on on on this agenda of liberalisation that they actually forgot that this person really doesn't know what he's doing. And now all the has all come to all the chickens have come home. And and no now, we don't know what the what the what the future of Saudi Arabia is going to be like because of this man in harbor the Arab center in Washington DC, an

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