Bravo Suspends Filming ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Star Michael Darby Amid Allegations


Real housewives of Potomac. I didn't even know that exists in neither Michael Darby charged with a sexual assault allegedly grabbed their cameraman's asks. A little weird. It is. We're Michael is the husband of woman named Ashley is probably the focus of the show allegedly grabbing grope the butt of a cameraman. Who was filming an episode of the show the camera cameraman's, a wonderful guy by the name of Orrville and Orville claims that the grope. That caused them to turn around and then Darby gave him that's Michael's last name gave him a flirtatious. Look. Orville says then. Instructed Darby to stop and then told the supervisor imagine all all this. I mean, what in the hell is going on? Okay. I wanna listen to audio and try to watch some of the video and see Michael gives off any other type of some tell tale of possibly being for the other teams. Don't start doing that sort of thing out of the blue grabbing other guys as well. It's the flirtatious you look shooting lookout.

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