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Sports at five forty five and we'll take a look at your money as you said earlier the bulls beat the bears today we'll have a look for you coming up at five fifty five will drop down to thirty degrees overnight maybe some A. M. snow flakes tomorrow we'll check traffic and weather at five thirty eight right now it's cloudy and forty degrees in Southfield W. W. J. news time five thirty one new this afternoon ten billion dollars in financial help on the way for the country's airports at U. S. transportation secretary Elaine Chao speaking live here on newsradio nine fifty says in response to the covered nineteen pandemic two hundred fifty six million dollars in emergency funding we'll go to ninety four airports throughout the state first and foremost it will be too late Hey well because obviously we need to get people protected and they need to have their employment checks not unemployment checks employment check who wanted to keep their jobs major airport will receive one hundred forty one million dollars in emergency funds in grand rapids at Gerald R. Ford airport will get sixteen million secretary Chao says the money will also be used for capital expenditures it's a special virtual town hall and it's happening in Detroit tonight as that city expects to be hundreds of millions of dollars in the red because of the covert nineteen I'll break mayor Mike Duggan will be hosting that virtual town hall to ease the fears of public employees this evening W. WJZ on he would joining us live in local with what we can expect John Jason the mayor has put the price tag for the city's coronavirus response it upwards of three hundred million dollars one hundred million this fiscal year which ends on the thirtieth of June and another up to two hundred million for fiscal year twenty twenty one and how paying this cost down might impact city services particularly police and fire as well will be the focus of the mayor seven o'clock remarks tonight Mr Duggan moving his daily covert update to prime time so more city employees have a chance to tune in it is tough is the prospect of cuts is the mayor has said repeatedly he will be balancing the budget is not to risk the city going back into state oversight again the mayor said to address the city at seven o'clock tonight with their financial future as far as what he can piece together at this time will of course have the details of his remarks here on newsradio nine fifty reporting live in local John Hewitt W. W. J. news radio nine fifty nine thank you John coronavirus cases continuing to go up in Michigan there's one thousand three hundred sixty six new cases and one hundred sixty six and one hundred sixty six rather new deaths have been reported in the last twenty four hours there's now a statewide total of more than twenty seven thousand and one thousand seven hundred sixty eight deaths the city of Detroit continues to have the highest numbers was seven thousand cases and four hundred twenty seven deaths meanwhile there's fifty two hundred cases three hundred ninety three deaths in the rest of Wayne County fifty three hundred cases now confirmed in Oakland county with three hundred sixty four deaths and there's thirty six hundred cases and two hundred ninety three deaths in Macomb county it's an effort to improve testing for the virus and it's coming out of Oakland county it's announcing plans to open its own drive through testing sites set to open this week county executive Dave Coulter says it's going to be located on the grounds of the county government's Pontiac campus along telegraph road and testing should begin on Thursday people at this site as we begin to sort of ramp up and and tell us how this works and and and and see how the process goes we anticipate that we'll be able to get to about two hundred and fifty people a day when we're fully operational at the site the next week just like Detroit's fairgrounds site testing in Oakland county will be by medical referral and appointment only those interested in making a reservation they can call eight hundred eight four eight five five three three county executive culture is also outlining his latest health order which says all essential workers who have dealings with the public must be wearing a mask is the worst over for Michigan regarding to the corona virus W. W. J. center McNeil has the results of some new repair understand economic group conducted a private study of the epidemic in Michigan and using numbers collected from the state by the New York times has concluded that the state reached its peak about illnesses and covert nineteen hospitalizations in the week that began April fifth years Patrick Anderson I'm not asking anyone to stop with the practices they've adopted but the good news is that cases are actually going down here and as they are and when they say we're going down a great honor Michigan they're going down and Wayne they're going down Oakland and they're going down in the call so it's all good news the report also details the devastating impact of the pandemic on the state over the past three weeks eight hundred and fifteen thousand people have filed for unemployment that's about sixteen and a half percent of the work force Sandra McNeil W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty moving from cars to ventilators production is now underway at General Motors mass production beginning today at GM's electronics plant in Kokomo Indiana the first six hundred units to be shipped this month GM pointing out the entire effort from sourcing the parts to assembling the team to adapting the planter training the workers took less than a month to go from idea to production GM signing a deal with the federal government for thirty thousand ventilators to be produced at cost the company says you'll be able to make more if needed after this initial order Jeff Gilbert WWJ newsradio nine fifty a it's probably not a surprise but health care workers make up nearly a fifth of all U. S. coronavirus cases here CBS news correspondent bill rate going ten and twenty percent of covert nineteen cases are health care workers and they tend to be younger and are hospitalized at lower rates than infected patients overall that's according to a first look at how the infection is hitting the health care industry the CDC says that compared with the total coronavirus cases in the U. S. larger numbers of diagnosed health care workers were women were white and we're young or middle aged adults that is consistent with the demographics of who works in health care bill Rakoff CBS news on wall street's it was a rally today as stocks overcame a rough start to the first quarter stocks surged on hopes that the coronavirus curve is flattening offsetting big revenue declines of Wells Fargo and JP Morgan as the pandemic slammed the U. S. economy in March JP Morgan and Wells Fargo are setting aside massive reserves to handle business and consumer loan losses the Dow jumped five hundred fifty nine points to twenty three thousand nine hundred forty nine the nasdaq rose three under twenty three points to eighty five fifteen the S. and P. up eighty four points to twenty eight forty six the I. M. F. says the global economy will suffer more than it did during the financial crisis a decade ago forecasting the global GDP and twenty twenty will fall three percent after earlier this year predicting more than three percent growth Jason Brooks CBS news still to come on W. W. J. hitting the bottle apparently not a good way to cope with the outbreak according to some that story coming up just after traffic and weather together on the aids again use time five thirty eight to the roads we go with Katie we'll get back with Katie in just a moment but first we can get the forecast from Brian Thompson was here tonight will be mostly cloudy sky will be pretty cold the low down to twenty nine very chilly tomorrow with the snow shower around in the morning then a rain shower in spots during the afternoon certainly quite a few clouds high of forty four but it will be some breaks in the clouds heading into tomorrow night low down to twenty seven so a cold start to Thursday otherwise brisk and still chilly Thursday with intervals of clouds and sun a high of forty six cloudy and chilly for Friday high of forty five fast moving system passing by to our south could bring a little bit of rain or wet snow Friday night especially just south of metro Detroit and then for Saturday will sunshine and some clouds finally bit milder Saturday sigh fifty four I thank you for the meteorologist.

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