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According to fox news dot com a lows employees standing at the door asked the men to show their receipt as they approached. They just kept walking. They refused to do so. Another lows. employee is then seen approaching the men in the video to which the first employee said. Hey don't do this. It's not worth the police said. Essentially jails don't take offenders such you shoplifters in states like oregon in order to cut back on their populations wait for it due to coverted. According to police. Lieutenant andrew copeland of the kaiser oregon police department. The men would likely face some fines. Get a ticket and be released. Copland said once you've stolen from lowe's wants and know that they can't stop you. There's no real consequence second thing is these people no. They can't go to jail these shoplifting. Shoplifting incidents are happening in states like oregon like california. You've seen the video. Were men in. La were seeing walked out of a tj maxx door with their arms full of shoplifted items los angeles police. Sergeant told cbs. They didn't even run out. They walked out employs a tj maxx tj maxx or told not to confront any shoplifters and of course in california you've got prop forty seven prop forty seven is a referendum that lowered criminal sentences on crimes like shoplifters these crayton's no they're going to get the equivalent of a traffic ticket and meanwhile they're gonna thousands of dollars worth the free items disgusting and it's the kind of thing that just might get larry. Elder in the governor's office in california gavin. Newsom is freaking out next. Week is the big day. september fourteenth. Listen to gavin newsom giving a speech. Now if you've ever heard anything more pathetic than this. I'd like to hear what it is. The the left and the beast keeps attacking. Larry elder for citing. Some study wants about women's intelligence leveled versus men. This was one of the things they've found from years ago and they pounced on that larry's already addressed it was attributed to somebody else. He was quoting some college professor but they won't let it go because they think they've got something. So what does gavin newsom do with that. You got to hear this i. I'm actually embarrassed for the guy. I'm embarrassed for gavin. Newsom listening to his speech pandering to women in a desperate frightened effort to fend off the challenge. He's getting on this on this recall from larryelder. The idea that we have someone on the other side of this ballot. That could be sworn in a matter of weeks. That not only doesn't believe a woman has the right to choose not only doesn't believe the center said women are smart as men by the way. I don't know if you've seen senator. Warren cross examined folks on wall street early. Larry elder has not women are veteran and politics earned and civics. They're smarter in economics winning room. Turn on the tv larry c-span you don't even believe there's a glass ceiling l. Doesn't believe in a glass ceiling. He actually said this. You can't even make this. He said right. He said for employers to discriminate against him he said have the right to acquire about an employee's reproductive future because they're just quote unquote protecting their investment. I'm embarrassed that. I mean i actually ashamed as a man to hear another man pander to women like that but the left does this all the time. What do you think the whole left attitude about voter ideas pandering and it's also condescending. Talking down a black people aren't smart enough to get. Id's now in new york city where they laughed at the idea of producing an id to vote no. Id required to cast a ballot. You walk in. Say you're.

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