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Or like when I watch stuff like that makes me go. You know, what get your ass the fuk up what you want. What you he got his brain board God what's wrong with you? You know, so like I've been drinking trying to drink two gallons took like two gallons or a gallon of pop a day and even when I bet you about that I go you know what? I watch that video and go you know what but it just get brain surgery. Yo said yeah, it's like it puts things in some perspective. But like a lot of these young I watched about an hour and half of like I like one fighting. I actually like the fighters over there. I like their birth huge. I didn't know that was that like I said Asia, they have a monopoly on it. I have an idea and I guess some great Fighters. I watched Demetrious Mighty Mouse one of his fights Mighty Mouse. Mom, even though you know, I think he's one of the best up doing man that motherfucker man. Assuming he's he's some other nother level shit man better fight last night. John Whitaker one knocked off out. I'm not sure if they test over there either. So who cares about the test a couple Knockouts hilarious like okay. It was a good fight club. Seriously, I think Vitor Belfort's going to make a comeback and that organization. Oh, well, yeah, man, if his horse holds don't rip the fucking us from all of this but the horse wage since taken but no I'm telling you. I watched an hour of that and I watched some stuff from back in the day UFC UFC back in the day was wrong all dude. I mean like this. I saw this one guy he gets the guy that crucifix and it looks like he elbows his brain out of his body kind of Gary Goodridge. Oh, it's just right but it's the first like and he said he he looked over and the guy was a good wrestler, but he was practicing the move he was going to do on him. So he knew what was going to happen. We looked over and watched it. I practiced that move the fireman's carry basically and he's like, all right. I'll just wait for that to happen and elbowed him like 9,000 times to face after that. I think it was like 9,000 times. So that's why a lot of times when I watch the the New York City now I go off. Man, the Jews back in the day. That's why I like talk. What's the money? I like the fact each of my God fight anybody anywhere. Friday test they were they were brought off all of those. They were different. They were different breed of person, right? That's why I'm saying but now could you think the guys now if it was if they were some way to magically have them fax you think they were harder harder before or not? I think everybody involved, you know, it's hard to say, I think the guys back then were just I would say maybe tougher because they fought like three times four times a night and torment style..

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