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You're on nightside with Dan Ray. I'm WBZ Boston NewsRadio. Let's go to the phone is going to go to many in glossed. Atmani starts us off this week and starts us off tonight. Many you are Europe. Europe, Manny. Welcome. How are you tonight? Hi there, Dan. Yeah, Cousin me any again. I feel bad. Feel bad for these guys. Nothing's lost during we get hit with these alternate every time and I'm making. It's a shame when the globe still kind of like the guy in the attic. I didn't know who is being chased by just recently and I know this case from a long time ago where the guy turned around fires like 15 to 10 or 15 shots. Because he didn't know who was chasing him. He No. He knew exactly who was chasing question. I'm sorry. He's off the phone now, but I had one question for him. Sure, Good thankful. One. That was Jesus. I really thank them guys, for sure following their pride when they hold up the right hand and say, Yeah, I'll do this. You know, Larry, I'm sure I'm sure is listening, man. And I'm sure that he that he heard you know Europe and Gloucester and hopefully you don't have too many scenes like this. But this judge, she has made some strange decisions. She ended up Ah, and she she was looking at the partners deal, and she had to actually apologise to, um former attorney General Martha Coakley, who she I guess eviscerated in court. Uh, then, um, Then she had another case where she dismisses a Mattapan murder conviction. Against the guy who basically shot and killed Guy on Newbury Street Back in 1971. I happen to remember that case. Um, the case was the case of a fella named John Lobb Anara. And he had just grabbed. He had just passed the bar in October of 1971 and had had been out celebrating with some friends. Went, um to his car got into his car and somehow some way this guy, I guess who shot him and killed him thought he had been disrespected by him. And so he's been in jail for a long time. My next question was for the policemen there by returning there. Why? He says union allow these judges to get away with it. Well, the problem is that in Massachusetts and you know again, you do you do lawyer ringing? You do all that stuff. Why does it his union? Why don't tell union I'm great friends. These castaway now a democratic judge, But there's some Democrats. I can talk to that and nice. He's passed away now. Well, no, no, don't give me my voice because the throat cancer so Italian part No, There were no question What the man Dan White on his union. Have any link any ability to deal with these Um, walk judges. Here's the deal, man. He just see, you know, First of all, there are great judges and good judges. Most judges are very good judges and a lot of them. They're all appointed in Massachusetts. By the governor, and this particular judge was first appointed to the bench by Bill Well, the Republican And she was promoted to superior Court by um Jane Swift. A lieutenant, a lieutenant governor who was an acting in, uh she's a Republican. This judge is appointed initially by wealth and then secondarily by By Jane Swift. So this is not a Democratic judge. Um and look, I know a lot of judges who are great judges, but but this particular judge I followed her career pretty closely and she's made some very questionable decisions. Now. That's what judges can do in Massachusetts because they were appointed for life. Um, they can only be removed not because they're bad judges, but because they do something illegal. I'm not trying to speak on behalf of the patrolman manned the guy or the woman. Yeah, I'm trying to speak on behalf of their union. Their union have anything? Well, The only thing that the only thing the union can do is endorse, uh, political candidates, Uh and and in this case, whoever is the governor, so when someone runs for governor, and they say, Well, I'm going to appoint really tough Laura no to judges, and they appoint people like Janet Sanders. Well, yeah, it's not a good result Down 300 down on lesbian now. Yeah, That's what he said. So that makes it tough. And of course, there's there's more overtime anyway. Hey, I gotta scoot here. Manny. I appreciate your call. Hope you feel better. How you doing pretty well. Or, you know you sound good. I know. You said that you're dealing with some throat issues. No. Yeah, I'm starting to give away all my personal belongings Self and hang in there. You sound great. Hang in there. Okay. Thanks. Thanks. Many. Thanks. Keep calling. Appreciate good night. 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30. If you can't get excited about this, folks, I don't know what you can get excited about Love to know. What do you do again? I've explained it. It's judges. But you've got to sound. You get a sound off if you sit quietly, and you don't criticize judges. I'm a lawyer. Okay, I immense respect for most judges for the vast majority of judges. Bona judge issues a decision like this. I don't understand it. I wasn't in the courtroom. I will admit to that, and I've often said you've got to be in the courtroom, however. This one seems to me to be way out of bounds. Love to know what you think. 617254 10 30. Triple 8929 10 30 Ladies line. Six months 7931 10 30 Coming back on Nightside. It's.

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