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Recent walkout of students protesting gun deaths may have been a mea triumph but not every teacher has stayed quiet one teacher juliane benzel had the data suggests that students might want to protest something else abortion dennis prager spoke with ms benz l on the dennis prager show you now garnered national attention here for asking if schools are going to allow students to leave class for a cause would they allow it for another cause in your case you asked what they allow it against abortion and you have been placed on administrative paid administrative leave is that a correct report of what happened that isn't one hundred percent correct at report that's exactly what happened and to be honest with you as has unraveled the peer nonsensical nature of it continues to be i think the talking point i covered with i actually had a special ed teacher in the classroom when i spoke to my students and i went to the mindset please the objective and on prospal but i say anything inflammatory was i think it was i too aggressive and unequivocally i've got there like absolutely not this was so appropriate nobody thought anything about it except apparently a couple of students were uncomfortable and offended that i use the term abortion point is that if they school administration is going to facilitate support condone one group of students getting out of class and going into the quite protests one issue what's happened on wednesday was gun violence would they allow support and condone another issue such as abortion.

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