Vice President, CDC, California discussed on Ben Shapiro


I would hope that the vice president will be working I'm sure he will be with the agency had at health and Human Services and at the CDC and tonight the centers for disease control and prevention officials confirmed a new case of coronavirus infection in California the person who had no known travel to a country where a virus outbreak has been taking place or connection to unknown patient because that finding W. mail news at ten oh two online peers take parents nightmare a nanny Severn Maryland is now charged with drugging a toddler under her care in Rundle county police say the mom of the two year old watch the home video and song a nanny administering some type of unknown pills or medication to her child and and then she noticed that the child within sleep for several hours police spokesman Markle Nancy says it turns out the man he was giving the toddler Benadryl investigation detectives were able to apply for and receive an arrest warrant charging the suspect with reckless endangerment neglect of a minor and second degree child abuse the two year old is under a doctor's care and okay barber bridge W. M. A. L. and W. I mailed dot com at the corona virus continues to cause problems on Wall Street you know what FDR said where you have when it comes to corona virus fox business channel host Charles Payne agrees he told mornings on the mall here is is a lot more than so far this anywhere near the fundamental reality in fact where others see fear some see opportunity since nineteen ninety three there but about seven times that this has happened where we had back to back sessions were off more than three percent and each time a month later the market was sometimes substantially.

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