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To sign consent forms and three Mets great, Ron darling. The former pitcher and current broadcaster revealed today that he's been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. But he says his prognosis is good. On our news line to talk about the disease is Mount Sinai hospital, thyroid cancer specialist. Dr hint success. Dr saw Ron darling says he expects to be back on the job in the booth the within about a month. What will he be going through between now? And then so. Treatment is primarily surgery. So what does he have a surgery for removed at thyroid cancer, including the the thyroid gland solve you covered in a few days. So most patients may go home the same day or following day after the surgery, and you may have some sore throat and just kind of institutional pain, but otherwise pain is very well tolerated. And you get to talking normally within several days again, Ron darling says his prognosis is good. How important is early detection with thyroid cancer? And that's the key. So very indolent cancer. So early detection from the ultrasound exam or physical exam, and then the needle biopsy diagnosed with cancer is very reliable. And like I said, the surgical treatment has excellent outcome in Ron darlings case doctors found a mass on his chest. For some reason. I always thought this was something like under your jaw on your neck. How would most people know if they might have thyroid cancer? Sure. Yeah. I don't have any symptoms, but you may have a lump in your next look say this. Part of the negative where you have the ad nozzle land. In more advanced cases, you may still a lymph node that has cancer that spread to no more on the lateral or side of the neck. Does Sira cancer tend to recur? Yes. Yes. So said, very inland slow growing. But he stay do recur curse into Jason lymph nodes around the thyroid gland. But that's better understanding, of course, that you are not treating Ron darling himself. But from what you have heard would you agree with Mr. darlings assessment? That is prognosis is good. Definitely definitely so clean surgical section of land, including thyroid cancer, and and. You may have a second or treatment called Riddick divide. I to kill off any microscopic disease to eliminate the the future recurrence rate. Dr Hintze saw at Mount Sinai. Thank you for coming on to talk with us. We appreciate it. Definitely take care. Seven forty eight a WCBS,.

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