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Larger question is who do you see on television what character is out there that actually reflects you because for for art to work you need to be able to relate to those characters i can't think of any one two insane vincent gaithersburg you're on wmal vince i dunno this show but i hear about it go ahead okay are two things first off our if you are check out a likeable conservative character what yes the tom selleck character much tom selleck thon broader uh basically the entire family okay auto cirque yeah i have heard about this and by the way tom sullivan is real life he's a nra guy he's a either and by the way we're using conservative in a very loose way a conservative in hollywood as someone who's not in line with bernie sanders that's really all it take kelsey grammer is constantly called this crazy right wing considered hybrid with kelsey grammer i know kelsey grammer trust me he hit a conservative like you and i would call a conservative he's just not a crazy liberal uh there were sure are are are out on the same character carol overall it so unremittingly oil and there are no episode episode of the second what's called where the character all thing about the invaders saying hey you're gory rural to make the world great again and they're throwing your girlfriend a quite well akg offering orders or character against great make america great idea bad water character if there's a woman president returned to after be an area in which are well a little late van solicit fs fuddy listen i if we if i ask people to talk about all the liberal tv shows out there i mean that's like talking about the dogs the bite man good to know that was super girl you are not with her i get it and i don't blame die at all but i do want to hear about those conservative characters that you can relate to lee in colombia you're on wjr what do you say lee well my character conqueror another camp well tv show they're not because our because of the fox but after the.

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