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This sounds Super Boring for a college football game, okay? LSU's quarterback Tommy Hodson drove the team down the field before throwing an eleven yard, touchdown pass to Eddie Fuller on fourth down, and the lsu tigers upsetting number four auburn by a score of seven to six. Crazy right. No well. The Games name, which the earthquake game resulted from the reaction of the crowd after the final pass, which registered as an earthquake by a seismograph located in Lsu's how Russell Geoscience Complex get out. Get Out. So apparently like. The crowd went wild, just stop in and screaming and jumping, and whatever they won the game. They upset this team, and then like a couple of days later, somebody in like geoscience lab was like. And then they calculated it and figure it out. That is when it happened in a kind of like. Build itself up in lower like there's other. ESPN was on campus filming something like the next year and you know it came up and then it became this big lake. then. It really was at the time. It wasn't anything, but they refer to that as the earthquake game. And then last, but not least. The kick six, this took place on November, thirtieth twenty, thirteen. This is the Alabama Crimson tide, the Auburn Tigers so. It's the seventy eighth is bowl. It's like college. Big College Championship game featuring number one ranked in two time defending national champion Alabama Crimson tide as a ten point favorite. For ranked Auburn Tigers. So after falling behind the second quarter, and then again in the fourth quarter, Auburn rallied late to tie the game twenty eight to twenty eight with thirty two seconds remaining. After the next Kickoff Alabama quickly moved to the Auburn thirty eight yard line at which point. The clock ran out seemingly sending the game into overtime. But Alabama coach Nick Sabin challenged the timekeeping call, and after a video review, they put one second back on the clock. You're like okay one second whatever? Technically, so the Crimson tide lineup for potential game winning fifty seven yard field goal. They're like okay. Whatever like we could? If we don't make. Overtime right. Yeah, however, the kick was short. Auburn's Chris Davis, who'd been positioned near the goal line, caught the ball in front of the goal posts, and then he ran across the entire field through players from both teams, the opposite end zone, scoring the winning touchdown for Auburn on its last play the game. There's no time left on the clock. Obvious No. The runback was technically about one hundred nine yards. And is officially could only be considered one hundred. Return according to the NCWA rules, but this was like just apparently so impressive in the radio announcer was like. It's GonNa win the football. I hope you like on my impressions that was. Football game. No, it was just so like improbable that this this would've even happened, but ended up winning Auburn when the football game thirty four twenty eight on a hundred nine yard. Return for A. Field, goal. That was too short. Amazing, that's amazing so. Those are some football plays that I want. Those are great. Thank you so much. Fun like like watching the clips. Once again Steph just. In hearing like like when you hear like a really surprised announcer. It's the best so great, surely the best thing. All right so. So I was like okay. Not Everybody likes my sports. Not Everybody likes sports episode I was like. When I do quiz I WANNA do a quiz on like the opposite of football. Sure so, but I don't know what that is. WHAT'S THE What I thought about it I was trying to think is another sport. Is it lake laying on the couch like? So I. I asked a couple people. What's The opposite of football? So I texted my mom, and my brothers and I go. Hey, guys, quick question. What's The opposite of football? And my brother Billy. Responds immediately like I like this tech Scott sent two seconds later. Billy Response I. Said what's The opposite of football? Billy goes weird underground mine slave kid fights. Like. And what and my mom without acknowledging the answer says badminton. Okay. So. My. Mom's like what billy. Billy was like that's an open air. Though mom, and then he thinks, and he goes cave, snail racing would also so. Is My. My quizzes online weird. Minds leave kid fights and caves. No, it's not not at all But. Like the thought process behind that. He's his billy well. Football's out in the open on the Green Green Grass under the crystal blue sky, so you gotta take the opposite of that into account. and. My Mom's like I think. The beers melting your brain kid. Also. An idiot savant. He's an idiot savant I swear cave snail racing is the opposite of. it has been proclaimed. Honorable Mention I also asked our friend Andrew Gibson. Who has been on the podcast before I asked him. What's The opposite of football? and. He, said an original thirty five millimeter print of the film wild strawberries. Those. Those are your options. Anybody ever if this ever comes up. Those, you know what those are. The opposite of about what you let us by. The way tweeted us. We ask know what you think is the opposite of football. I'M GONNA PUT UP A poll. On twitter. And it's going to be. What is the opposite of football and I will provide all those answers. And you, our listeners will tell us yes, so. Keep an eye out for that, it will be on twitter today, so our quiz today is not is unfortunately not on the opposite of football because we couldn't figure out a you know a cohesive fission. This quizzes called flag on the play. It is a quiz on memorable flags of the world. Lauren said Shit..

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