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There's like a sort of an emotional time it kind of comes to a head on a train and I was like love trains right this sounds great and then I watched the movie and I'm like she just sort of sits there and like life Kinda rolls by Uh Huh underwhelming or is it the most whelming I know why is heavy. Why is that scene so fucking in quiet. It's just the movie is being quiet. Movies aren't quiet movies just like sit down man. Everyone's gotTa life that they're living. You know but it's it's something about the train going over the shallow water. Yeah is also very dreamlike and he'd like neon on signs are going by and you see cities in the distance and commuter art shout shadow commuters and the Little Girl Shadow on the platform and she's made her peace with no face and I don't yeah all right so we're back to the best thing yeah. I mean that's in like a movie yeah. Yeah I such an existential moment at encapsulated. It's amazing and again you're watching a girl progress emotionally and learn things about herself but not there's not moments where she says that right and so he or she's learning like sort of like. I mean she gets a little vomit dumpling from the river spirit right pretty cool kid. You'd expect you to get like a sword or something. He gives her involvement dumpling putting it is useful prize but so she's learning the value of teamwork and like collect spirit all right right sort of like like there's this thing where they're like. They're going to bed afterwards. Thank God that was a day. That's also a great seeing it's a great scene with she's landed like they're eating because they got extra rounds or whatever and more soccer right and like they're sitting on their little poor or in their aprons and they're like what a day and I like. I mean it's it's incredible and that's when no face-to-face no face shows up in the middle of this she lets her in by him and by mistake because he seems nice also just like us just like how was I supposed to know. He was a spirit weird. He's just freaky as everyone else. Why should I let him in. It's not like it should be like little with an x like this guy. Money's no good no one's giving give me a visual glossary like I'm riffing here. Yeah Count Ashi faceless is his name I'm trying to figure out if what he's based on you know what I mean chair right thought this was he doesn't exist in Japanese thought this was just a Miyazaki right like like thing he came up with his face design is taken from a Silkworm Yep but he is just just sort of black cloak with a mask right. I guess he's Spooky. He is most iconic imagery as OCU- character other than totara. I would say I would say absolutely and what again this is like. We're I don't know if the analysis is cultural psychological or something thing deeper but like why is this character so fucking iconic and intriguing well what what is quiet thing. Obviously he's going to turn into monster EP old. That's pretty bad but I mean when he's just and this is. Why is he so transfer fixing for most of the here's the shape of your water bottle sitting here for most of the film he does not have any limbs. He is just sort of like a big mound yeah yeah if he walks like a little foot might appear to step right right very slender surprisingly slender limbs a will say yeah he's. Somewhat Feminine Yeah and He's I don't know. What does he represent like loneliness? That's the thing so I think if you're thinking about all this as a huge economic he is this thing that doesn't make sense within the cogs of Angel Investor. He's just someone who can just make money appear out. It's all bullshit and he's also he's just modeling other modeling that behavior of anyone. He ingests anyone as around right. Go ahead go. Let's say like is no face. He has no identity right he he eats the frog and he becomes greedy because the frog is greedy right and so you know and like starts talking like the frog kind of associate path in a way that is scary cannot figure out why someone is operating the way they're operating which like like that's what happens when you remove someone's face and you can't read their emotions shirt nervous about by the time we meet no face. We've met a lot of unusual characters yeah but they all fell asleep but they all have recognizably more or less human personalities mhm you. Baba is just contancts grumpy. Yes Taran ICAL yeah we we know we've all fairchild and what's his name boiler room man budgie right yeah Cross Ratchet Nice Guy but harder gold land land bossy elder sister to mean boy that maybe you like. What is this feeling right yeah but I like Mr Kohl won? It is interesting interesting. Question is like doesn't he seems hard to startle. You know what I mean. I think very very relaxed right right yeah but no face is the most obviously Indyk Matic yeah and I think you're right. What's what's a little disturbing about about him. Is You know there's no real sense of motivation. I guess other than just fathomless loneliness and emptiness. I think thing that is terrifying childlike. That's right your greatest. Fear is to end up highway and everyone in the bath house. It exists in this sort of system like this kind of greedy system uh-huh you. WanNa hoard what you can get. There's all the tags. There's the better tags on the worst. you know all that stuff so when he shows up he's like. I'll pay whatever for whatever you provide provide. They are all they're like. This is a bonanza right but sin is still a child does not have thoughts of like monetary gain. That's just that's not kind of in her character yet so that's why she can take totally defeat no face limitless gold and she's like what am. I doing that right. She's he's kind of uncorruptible. I mean she's like I'm here to rescue my parents and probably learned some valuable life lessons like you know about the spirit of work in the collective and all that but if this is Miyazaki's story about contemporary Japanese culture and the emptiness of of post industrial capitalism totalism which it probably is and that's and so we see everyone at their worst when no face shows up with free unlimited money because they're all debasing themselves in front of no fees the right yeah and and but do you think in Miyazaki's mind no face represents an actual economic condition in Japan or personality. I just know I don't know I can't remember what's interesting using about no faces. No face isn't really greedy right. No face just want love right okay one hundred percent. I just can't imagine somebody who would throw around a lot of money. In Service of seeking validation from others not makes zero sense and how far could that person possibly go right and the idea of that kind of person who is so hollow in vacant whose motivations you can never figure out because there's nothing really going on there that that people would just fall over themselves giving him anything he wanted right. You know that they were totally debase themselves. They would surrender all their values so I'm saying this movie is hard to me at the fear of him devouring them so here's something he said it's more about the pigs but you know it's to hear his parents during into symbolizes how humans have become greedy at the very moment she hero says there's something about the town. Her parents turned picks. There are people that turned into pigs during your trapans bubble economy me in the nineteen eighties and these people hadn't realized they'd become picks once someone becomes a pig they don't return to being human. They just gradually start to have the body and soul role of pick. These people are the one saying we're in a recession and we don't have enough to eat. This doesn't apply to a fantasy world. This isn't just perhaps it. Isn't it a coincidence that the food is an actually actually a trap to catch lost humans so like I think he probably talking about. I mean what happened to his country. That metaphor is a little easier to read the no face. There's no I know but I'm just saying like you know. Do you know what I find very unnerving about the Paren- pig thing in particular. The transformation doesn't happen on screen right. They don't give us a CA- Pinocchio Yeah but when you see them hunched over they are sort of like reading but it's this fact that they cannot stop eating right here their daughter just the thing that like some switch goes off where they're like. This food is good. Then it becomes so thoroughly consumed by the food that they cannot not hear her right and they cannot stop moving things into their mouth that it's just like like that. They're gone hundred percent spirited away pigs no face oh right so the dumpling the vomit dumpling right half of it is used to cure no face right and she puts it inside him. He just like he just emits. Voids right right like just goo comes out of him basically right now. It's really satisfying moment of expulsion and liquor vomiting. Oh Yeah Jimbo popping move no totally movies simultaneously extremely spiritual Esoteric Serene area grounded with body horror and like real fundamental lake substances being secreted from orifices. Hungry sightings are disgusting. We call full spectrum dominance and then you know with Hukou Hukou is the other half. I'm like there's that moment where like he's he's shaking and the blood center yes. Yes yes APPs against the wall yeah. has there ever been an American children's film with this much body stuff fucking. What's it called Dan by me as famous vomiting yeah yeah. I mean you know it's interesting. Animated Pixar ever made a movie where people grow up and go to the bathroom so far away from its monsters. INC has bathroom ship really really has scenes in a bathroom our bathroom sense yeah bathroom and throw no it's more. There's antics in about those that you know they they hide. The little girl in the bathroom doesn't count. I'm talking about right but there's no actual sort of bathroom. Talk right like no people who would pee you know Anderson Right right like I throw up. Spit 'cause the thing I remember most monsters INC which is burned into my brain. Forever is Steve Shemi whatever he's called yeah where he reynolds every time bang knocks open a bathroom right bank. Does it again like that's the image using the toilet though I mean this is not their job trying to think I mean I feel like when I would watch animated movies as a child that would give me the same sort of discomfort unlike body horror films that were intentionally trying to trap in to something they'd be movies that were bad and Bentley were setting like there. Are Things like the the Weird Felix the cat animated movie sure or like a weird like raggedy Ann and Andy Musical. I don't know the these are like bad and animated films that were like failures were disliked by children that I would watch a lot because my mother was over protective if they were the things playing on the few channels that she let me you watch and those movies I remember having physical things that made me uncomfortable Japanese Little Nemo in slumber land movie but what those movies are often not dealing with very biological thing like Brennan stimpy and Rocco's modern life those TV shows but those come come to my pus and really it was more sort of fetishistic like. Can you believe how like amazingly drawn this booger is. You know what I mean like right. You know like we needed shots. Were there zooming in on a no poor. Guess what what's interesting about spirited away as of those moments of like. It's pretty gruesome yeah but it's not done obviously as for humor shock it steamatic. This scene is when everything has calmed down and everyone needs to chill out right like it's very it's very violent violent and sort of everything's been oxy turvy and after he blow barf everywhere he knew they need to they need to take it easy like the movie has to be very calm now right I mean I guess there's what's the point with the baby the point with the baby. When is she with the baby. That's before she goes on the train. Yes right like this is all happening like it's like after this. She gets summit to you. Baba's office you. Bob Is yelling at her. There's the pilot gold turns into Mush right right like there's the thing where to heroes with the baby and the baby's padded room right and scares the baby with with her hand her dirty hand. Oh I forgot about that. The baby lives in this like totally as a bit of a Germaphobe right well. The mother has commenced the baby. That'd be outside right yeah right because the whole like like I'm right. This Hukou is being attacked by the fucking paper creatures that rules you see in the distance and and it's like right on you and it's really visceral and horrible yeah but Wednesday Anita arrives and she transforms everyone right well. You should explain that Zeba has transferred herself via Hologram into being one of these projected as as attached herself to the back of hero unbeknownst to her so that she can get gain access to you. Baba's person it in and look around amount where she suddenly creates mayhem. She turns the heads into the baby the baby into a mouse right she turns the harbory shirts a little fly but like a total cartoon her tune. I mean again. This is when this is another moment. It's like I don't I've given up trying to understand what mythological whirlwind but it's also like. What kind of cartooning are we doing? Holy looks like a Disney not even Disney. This just looks like a Saturday morning cartoon tune belittle mouse especially syndrome but but it's so crushing when you Baba sees the mouse and it's like get Thatta here with the rice resting and she hears like you don't recognize that and then just tails off in Mousa- so sad then they just leave you know what when asking like are there other animated films that deal with that sort of body horror. I think the thing that I I feel like would affect me as a child. I can't think of other things that are that visceral this role in biological mess sense but it was always the went went people's bodies change so anything where somebody gets stuck doc inside another person's body but also anything were like their body gets morphed in any sort of way..

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