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To be tested before returning to work with Of the campaign from their personal events and And they tested positive so we didn't let them come backto work. Al Ta Brighton and Corner Canyon High schools are Going to return to on campus learning, apparently, according to Canyon School District. The changes will take effect Monday. The school say. In recent days active Koven 19 cases among students and employees at the three schools have fallen well below the 15 count for school Threshold. Canyon School district is preparing to open They're trying to open their schools safely. They say parents received notification yesterday about the return on campus learning as a reminder all canyons district schools, including out of Brighton and Corner Canyon. Are under a 4 to 1 schedule. Four days of classroom learning and Friday reserved for remote learning so they'll be but they will be returning to the classroom. They've been out because of covert. So This'll give you an idea of the paranoia that runs rampant. In an effort to thwart the spread of a virus that has killed more than a million people. World leaders should not override religious freedom. That's according to latter day Saint Apostle David. A bed nor He was speaking to a global gathering of scholars and officials from diverse faith traditions. The ongoing pandemic has demonstrated that some government officials failed to understand how and why religion is fundamental to the lives of billions of people, Mr Bednarz said, is one of the top leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He said this in a virtual meeting of the G 20 Inter Faith Forum Cove in 19 regulations. Have often distinguished between essential and nonessential activities and then treated religious activities. As non essential, he said. I'm going pandemic. The ongoing pandemic has demonstrated that some government officials fail to understand how religion is a fundamental essential you sitting so some you so that the they're saying The LDS church through them, saying they're worried. About this government overreach and government being able to overreach because of a pandemic. The difference between a grocery store And a religious meeting is well, there's a couple of them well, that you can't buy food and a religious meeting. No, that is that is part of what makes that essential Another you go to the grocery store for 10 minutes. You run in and grab your thing and you get out and you leave and there's no singing, and there's no hand holding and there's no any of that religious service that can you're a bunch of people in an enclosed space where they're seeing and talking. And You can practice your religion at home. You could pray anytime you like. Right now. Wherever you are, you can play Is that in the one of the books wherever one or more of you are gathered in my name, I am there something like that. I don't know. Pray any time you like, but I can't do the same thing with the grocery store. You're trying to say you're crying sounds you're trying to shut down religion. That's what your trying. Oh, I'm saying you nobody can stop you from practicing your religion. In your home with your family, but But the communion with other members of my faith is important. Then you do it virtually, Yeah. Not having sacrament meeting on the phone. Thank you very much. What? It boiled down to us, and it's not just this church but all churches. They've noticed their revenue has slowed. And so they got to get the money back. All right, if your name is Kyle Or Blake or Brian or Ryan or Daniel. Or if you're a woman, and your name is Haley. Or Lynda or Barbara or Kimberly. You're klutzes. You're all klutzes. They're clumsy people. That's what people with certain names may be more susceptible. To being accident prone, according to new data. Compiled by uplift legal funding. The lawsuit alone funding service recently released findings on its website listing the top 10 names of men and women who are considered the clumsiest and most accident prone. Sounds legit on it. So I mean, why does an arm there? All they do is all they do is they look at the names of people who have accidents and and accidents that are ah. Probably preventable accidents they consider And they look at the names and then they just do an algorithm and say the names that pop up our yes. And the geezer and these air popular names. Gina and Carrie. You know they're not on their Gabrielle. Deborah. Louise. Mary Angela Clumsy. You guys just watch it. Okay. If you have those names, just watch it. All right, all right. There's a safe could fall on you at any minute. But my friend Wiley, he he's He's one of those sports weather traffic. Well, it was pretty surprising in a nice surprise, re also like Big Portland to tow one, which is which is great. Now they won't be playing Colorado Rapids right away because There was an outbreak there among some players and support staff. So Reece really not going to play until the 24th And we've got curve it news in other sports, Nick Saban. Positive for Cove it he's conducting, um, practice via zoom. That big L s U of Florida game that also is not happening, or at least it's postponed due to some positive Cove. It, um Tests. There is well that is your sports, Whether it's pretty chilly today only 57 for a high Today and mostly sunny will warm up back into the seventies, though, by Saturday and Sunday and we've got clear skies it looks like through the weekend. Traffic has been fairly light this morning. Although I do have a vehicle on fire to tell you about south by my 15 mile post. 3 18 have fifth West in bountiful. It is Off to the right shoulder. Like that, Is it? Let me check her message stream. See if anybody sent any traffic there. You can send us anything You want there by the way, 33986, and we'll pass it along to other friends program, Scott Hale is offering a furnace tune up for the free air flow test. For only $39 cost. Scott. Hail Ada 1 to 6 for hailed by the way women are 37% more likely to suffer. On injury by falling over as opposed.

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