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Well i'll tell you what when you're when you're the quarterback at usc and you go twenty four and that spotlight and that second largest media market and be able to shine like he does he ask me coach am i ready for this and there was no question i mean he can lead an nfl organization he's led the usc trojans for the past two years and there's no question his mind in my mind that this guy can go out and help an organization get better immediately okay i want to ask you about josh rosen because you prepared to play him and by the way when darnold and rosen played this year josh looked pretty darn good we'll why what a lot of people are saying you know they're they're they're taking shots at him and the content whatever you didn't coach him but you coached against him when you look at rosen what is the wow thing to you on tape that that he was even better in person than he was on tape clan you look at a lot of tape yeah definitely i've known josh since seventh grade he played with my son and pop warner have watched the kid grow up have competed against him he is an elite deep ball thrower his accuracy on the deep ball i got to witness it firsthand this year throwing delays ly he has when you play man to man coverage on 'em and he finds that one on one situation not only is he going to get it out and get it to the receiver but it is dead on dead accurate just a very very unique talent going to be special in the nfl and glad for him could kit by the way the browns are going to pass on darnold reportedly what we say to the brown the browns called you and there was one last thing john dorsey says clay this is john dorsey in cleveland we're gonna take baker what would you say.

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