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So, I haven't back. So at some point, I'm going to auction off again for some awesome charity the the actual. That is attic my favorite one of my favorite things we did state very early on we always give weird gifts. For State like one year, we gave everybody a second place trophy baseball trophy. First you're on the state. We gave everybody an autographed. We we went and got like three hundred copies of dianetics. At the Scientology Celebrity Center in times? Square. And they gave us a discount because we were a TV show I was like, Hey, we're TV show. Will you give us some awesome absolutely we will. They were so nice. So we autographed and gave out. To. Like all the teamsters and New York just like three hundred autographed copies of dianetics and I remember thinking we're so funny. We're just the best on all. These people were like, wow, this is one of those times we're like a hoodie would've been nice. You assholes instead of. Hey. Hey. That's only funny. You you drug addled twenty, two year old. You know what? I would. I would what I would have wanted from the states is. I'm sure I'm sure no one has any more, but it was the the snuggle fabric softener. which it starts talking and then carried just like flips out to start a cheated out of an iron the cuddly soft. Yes. That was a great one I think we actually got somebody accidentally sometimes people accidentally do your sketches again it's happened and that one's somebody I think. That got borrowed sort of beginning to end by I want to say maybe TV or somebody but. It was weird. Stuff was so weird that you couldn't Redo it anyway but that was sort of an obvious fun. You know. It was it was it was a it was a groundbreaking sketch show. You know when I think about I? Mean I put the state in the sort of pet the on of really amazing groundbreaking sketches like. Python in living color kids in the hall. Stay you know what I mean. It just is just one of those ones you guys you came along at the right time. It was a, it was the nineties a new era it was it felt new and fresh, and like I just I connected with it. So well, when it was like you know like a punk rocker show, we were very punk rock and we were super super I mean Ben was so punk rock that he was like. On speed and weighed eighty five pounds and had green hair but we would you know the state had like. Regularly. We would get in fights where you know Marino v real wall one time a lot of a lot of crazy. We were very passionate and very angry. When we did you, I think you can go see we did a state alive zoom show. As a benefit and I think you can see actually Dave.

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