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Limitations apply six flags amusement park now has five flag fewer 5 of the 6 flags that fly all their amusement parks around the country have been taken down the only ones standing is the us flag company spokespersons says they've remove the french spanish mexican republic of texas and confederate flags from all its entry gates because they wanted to focus on things that unite people not divide them technically the park never flew the confederate battle flag but instead an early version of the confederate states of america flank the six flags originally represented all six nations who's flags flew over texas during net state's history i'm john stolnis taylor swift made good on their pledge to support groups that helps sexual assault victims following her victory in a colorado groping trial 27yearold made a donation to the us joyful heart foundation if mission is to educate support and campaign on sexual violence issues i'm barbara kusak and i'm charlie pellett at bloomberg world headquarters a losing day for us stocks second losing week in a row for the sp 500 index goal did trade above thirteen hundred dollars the ounce before pulling back joke q sick is width accused a group of gop political situation in risk is really keeping a bidding goal than we've seen it move dramatically and he says golden investors are also keeping an eye on washington with the uncertainty with what's going on with the trump administration right now i think you're going to see a lot more investors are both institutional and retail start looking at gold as a safe but asset wall street's focus is shifting to next week's jackson hole conference featuring fed chair janet yellen and european central bank president mario draghi jim glassman is senior economist at jp morgan securities the problem is policy rates interest rates are artificially low and the economy has got back on its feet in history tells you that the problem is wants to get back on our feet we often beer off the road again and one of the reasons why that happens is because we get policy rates to knock the right level it was a turbulent week burnings from some of the nation's biggest retailers footlocker for example down twenty seven point nine percent tj four ms hedh of us product management at jefferies it was pretty complicated earning season if we actually went in thinking the.

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