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Vanessa was my friend and then she got hired to SNL. And I was like Oh my God someone I know Who loved is now on SNL? I was like Oh this is much closer than I thought and I think that like kind of woke me up and made me like okay. I got to work a little harder and like I I WANNA be ready for if they ever come to see my shower audition or whatever and they did a Dang David Dain did Lorne michaels himself. Dang in did watch you know. He was in the audience that they told us he was an audience which I was glad we do a lot of like a sexy audience participation action and it would be a nightmare to like sir. Do you have a you know like I would not be able to handle it. I guess that's probably smart to ask him for a suggestion. Gestion hold your future. His hands improbably. So what was that first phone. Call like just for the audition once you come to New York and audition personnel. You're full panic and fear and I mean so excited couldn't believe it and I was sort of relieved because they had seen a two through our second city show that I had worked really hard on and I had really fun pieces in and so I was like okay. They've seen what I like to do. So if that's what they liked and they want want me to do that I can do more of that. You know in New York. So that's I kind of took stuff from that show and made a five minute audition to do most people. I've talked to ban that's an else that they barely remember it because first of all it was like I can't believe I'm here for like five minutes flies by. I don't even know if it was good or anything I'm unhappy. I got a chance to audition for US pure stress. I couldn't eat or sleep. Could only rehearse my audition over and over again so stress. How did you feel like it went when he walked out of there? Well I remember people had said no one will laugh laugh and then I got some little laugh since I was like ooh Baby on top of the world. I my dressing present home but I was also like it's over now while what a joy that was like. I got to audition industrial. He doesn't l and then I got called to come back into a second audition and they were like can you do own their stuff and I was like Oh yeah I have that ready to flip the bullpen and obviously that one went well. So what's the what's that final phone call like eighty to join the cast is actually more often S. and and he sort of said like will. You're very young and you have a lot to learn. But I think he'll do very well here and and I was like that mean. Come here now or what's going to happen. And then I hugged him left. The office hugged producer. Still was like am I hired. I have no idea and then I got a phone call from the producer that was like. Did you know you're hired. I don't think you knew when it was like. Yeah I don't know I'm so scared and I didn't WanNa ask laughing again because I've heard that story her mother they don't know what did I just get hired. And then someone else called caused Tulsa little. Yeah he's leaving it on the fence or something that you were. You were twenty five right when he started very young. was that a daunting thing to walk in there. Twenty five years old into this institution owned dislike ready for it. I mean I was really scared but I came came to find out that I was really lucky that I had had like solid years in Chicago. Doing shows every night of the week for all different kinds of audiences so I really knew myself self as a performer. And that was like something to hold onto where I was like. I knew it. I'm good ed and I know how to get an audience on my side or if I'm losing them where to push and I just felt strong in that area even if I didn't always feel like I was doing a good job or writing things that would fit on the show I was like I do think I am. I'm good you're you are by the way I don't WanNa leave you hanging on that one. So when did you feel like okay. I'm here because I know that first year they're gonNA fire me at the end of the year. When did you feel like I've got a job here? This is going pretty well. You're like no I definitely I would see my third or fourth season my second season. I'm starting to feel like okay. We started writing those girl music videos. I was like okay. This feels like something they are working. And then I feel like my third or fourth season I was like okay. I'm not getting fired. And now what do I WANNA do. Now that I'm here you know which was fun. Take a lot of trill. Obviously you've got your own clothing line colleen. What was the genesis back? That's so cool. It really was sort of like like out of necessity at first. which was I was having to do? Appearances or presser red carpet or whatever and wasn't exactly finding like options in the plus list size world that were for more like high quality like what my co stars were getting to wear and so my stylist and a friend of mine in kind of just started like making our own stuff just for me to wear and then I would get so much response from girls online being like I love that work and get it and I was like you can't and I made it with my friends and this is like not fair and then I sort of saw this path of like. Oh well there's a factory here and maybe we could just take Gar same pattern and make a couple of the US and see if anybody wants them and it was very nice they did so and the response has been great. It's been so cool and really like so special to be tagged and pictures of ladies wearing these dresses and them feeling good and like hitting the streets right. Is that a cool thing for you. I mean I think we kind of happened by accident. I would put trill in this bucket to of like becoming sort of an icon for people who've gone through what you've gone through and your life and sharing experience with someone they can look to in the popular culture and say. That's so nice I I don't know I don't think of myself that way but if I I am helping anyone that is the dream you know. And and it's weird. I got in to doing this because I love comedy and I love writing and I love performing and pretty quickly. I realized that people were seeing me for more than that. which was like what my body represented to them? I'm or or how it made them feel good to see someone who looks like them like doing this thing and I just always sort of felt like rather than pushing against that I I should just let that be part of embracing. Yeah totally because it is a part of me and it and it did take some work on myself to be like. I do deserve to be here. You know it isn't that sort of the point of shrill that's the show right. I mean that is the show and it is so much drawn from like my own feelings feelings of feeling like a nice to everyone and I work really hard. Is that enough or or or what matters here you know is it liberating to have shrill out there and be like. This is how I've been feeling my whole life. You should know how I've been feeling this year. Yes it is. It is what's overwhelming to me is how many women you have said. They felt exactly the same way and not not all plus size women all kinds of women and that has been like extremely satisfying so touching attaching to to feel like they feel seen by this name. You said are a little bit earlier. You're happy. SNL We're really looking even for shriller everything else. Do you think you're still young. Started so young. And that's a now. Do you think about other things over the horizon like okay. Now I'm GONNA do movies. I'm GonNa do all these other things things and make that my next step even they're not a good schemer. I like really kind of take things as it comes. And that's been working for me uh-huh far we're like things pop up but I I love to write and I wrote a movie with my friend and of course I've looked to make that but I've got a very a bad schedule where I'm like you know doing. SNL and shooting shrill in the summers and writing shrill. And so you know. I'm of course I'm excited to do more forever. I think for. Now you're doing pretty well. Starve elster shrill. Get your own clothing line. Let's just be happy right here. Taken Nassar pushed you to do more more like yeah but what else. Stick around to hear more from Eighty Bryant on the Sunday. Sit Down podcast including what it's like to grow up watching. SNL and then to end up as one of its stars. Welcome back to the Sunday. Sit Down podcast now. More of my conversation with Eighty Bryant as we take a walk outside in New York's Madison Square.

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