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Pneumo. We grew up watching stand up legends at his parents LA club out west, the comedy store. No Pauly Shore performs live here at home at the D.C. comedy loft this weekend through Saturday. Back in the day, I would be in the comedy store and I'd watch guys like Robin Williams or Letterman. And now I'm watching these other kids and they're so lazy. My eyeballs have seen the best. Pauly Shore became a household name as an MTV VJ before pivoting to movies like son in law in the army now in biodome. When I got on camera and MTV was the biggest thing back then and I was right there holding a microphone and then the movies. I think bio dome seems like the biggest cult classic. But I think poly char is dead with my best movie because it was the first time that I had control of the whole thing. Here are full channel my podcast beyond the fame, Jason Frey AW two, B news. Some songs and sounds will stay in your head just forever. We all know that. Now the Library of Congress to that end is out with this year's recordings worthy of being preserved for all time. Take me home country roads was actually inspired by claw for road and Gaithersburg. Almost heaven West Virginia John Denver single was one of 25 recordings the Library of Congress selected as a defining sound of the nation's history and culture. As was Madonna's like a virgin album from 1984, but not all the recordings were songs, Carl Sagan's recording of pale blue dot talks about life on earth. That's here. That's home. That's us. Neil Logan stain WTO. These days, something most people want, a new study on the issue from the metropolitan Washington council of governments shed some light this morning on which sectors are likely to grow the most between now and 2050. Paul dies jardin is a community planning director with the council of governments. He says of the 1 million new jobs are region is expected to add 75% of them will be in the business and professional services sector. 250,000 more jobs and professional and business services, management consulting. It's legal services. To dejardin, this makes sense. That full gamut of the incredible talented workforce that we have here. He says the leisure and hospitality

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