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Fellow news time is 300 three from the kelocom new center i'm mark rousseau or we've got some craziness going on and sue falls that's for sure some older guys asked group of young girls for money at a city park in the four hundred block 4000 blocks use me overseas ronnie drive the girl say they don't have any money okay then an apparent revenge the men come back and fire a bb gun at the girls grazing an 11yearold girl in the forehead police eventually arrest three suspects unfortunately the south dakota drought is expected to drag on in the weeks ahead since day climatologist laura edward i hate to be shia debbie downer already outlook warmer than average temperatures are are more likely at a month ahead south dakota's christie known today introduced the aptly named dry act in the house the donations in rough years act dry would permanently allow the hey harvests on certain crp cruise to be donated to ranchers suffer ring from drought or fire most of south dakota's suffering drought conditions meet dusty johnson republican candidate for congress and rattlesnake counter the intrepid johnson was caught on video using an axe in the dark of night to kill a rattlesnake it a team camp in the black ooh thus these republican opponent chantelle cribs gets equal time remember last august she posted a video of the dead rattlesnake she shot nearer home is the ralph last night to exist um and i hope they buttons off these are my badge of honour so both johnson incredibly going for the anti rattlesnake road in celtics toyota which is quite large from kelocom new center i'm mark rousseau the new rooms never stops kelo newstalk 1320 1079 whether by backyard grill barbecue voted best restaurant by south dakota pork producers real barbecue.

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