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The moratorium on extracting our huge reserves with shale, which could get glass flowing as soon as 6 months. Where there is local support for it. The plan was swiftly condemned by environmentalist climate campaigners and some opposition members of parliament. The civil disobedience group extinction rebellion promised more confrontational actions like blockades. One activist told The Guardian will pull out all the stops this time we won't settle for a moratorium either. We're just going to keep on hammering this until we get the proper ban on fracking, they said. South Carolina's Senate has failed to pass a total ban on abortion that would have prohibited the procedure without exceptions for rape or incest. But lawmakers approve more restrictions to its existing state law, which bans abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy. That law is currently blocked by the South Carolina Supreme Court due to ongoing litigation. The South Carolina Senate has proposed reducing the time rape and incest survivors have to seek an abortion from 20 to 12 weeks. And related news. The Michigan Supreme Court's allowing voters to decide in November, whether to enshrine abortion rights to the state constitution. The ballot initiative gathered over 700,000 signatures and support. This comes after a judge Wednesday struck down in 1931, Michigan, anti abortion law that prohibited the procedure unless the pregnant person's life was at risk. The Justice Department said Thursday, it will appeal a federal judge's decision to appoint a special master to review whether the FBI properly sees documents from Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. The appeal comes after U.S. district court judge, alien cannon, ordered the Justice Department to hold its review of thousands of classified documents recovered by agents executing a search warrant on Trump's home on August 8th. Many of the documents were marked top secret. Judge cannon was nominated to the U.S. district court for southern district of Florida in 2020 by then president Donald Trump. Her ruling this week led to widespread calls for her impeachment. Slate magazine legal writer Mark Joseph stern tweeted the problem, of course, is that canon is not a real judge, but a Trump judge and one of the most corrupt of the bunch, he said. Donald Trump's former White House political adviser Steve Bannon has surrendered to police in New York, where he faces state charges. He defrauded donors to an anti immigrant nonprofit called we build the wall. Bannon was first charged by federal prosecutors in 2020, but received a pardon from Donald Trump ahead of his trial. Two of Bannon's co defendants later pleaded guilty to the federal charges. New York attorney general letitia James announced the new state charges Thursday saying Bannon illegally pocketed donations that were given to fund sections of a barrier wall to be built along the U.S. Mexico border. You basically stole millions of dollars to line his own pocket. And those of other politically connected people. And today, he and we build a wall are being charged for defrauding. These donors out of more than $15 million. And for laundering the proceeds to further advance and to conceal the fraud. A Democratic National Committee panel has rejected a proposal to ban dark money funding during any and all democratic primary elections. The resolution authored by Nevada Democratic Party chair to this whitner would have also established procedures to investigate dark money groups and discipline DNC members for accepting donations from anonymous donors. The DNC's rejection of a ban comes after dark money flooded democratic primary races across the country this year targeting progressive candidates seeking to challenge democratic incumbents. Public health experts are handling

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