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He is his books are phenomenal for explaining this why it's a problem the thing that impressed me when i first read his books was you know things that you don't even think of the highlights the economy reminds you of and so in fact just go and read it anyway few not interested go gun read his books yes uh he's a good job i'm cody dr arnn has dumb up on geological they cd published i think tomase ice which of somewhere but on a couple of the name of the collection but they good at one of the nice things about dr i always he really practice what he preaches pretty much everything he veges crash comes licensed which means you beyond downloaded lease s ice four for free summit on his website he will have that collection of essays book which you can just download is like a you know in a pub or pdf wisely evita and it's will will valuable is a good guys current yes i met him very very briefly montzka he really yeah he was he was encountering signing for his new book away honors which i bo which are both my daughter so are dropped in salau whose clout i heard a big big low cuba bodies up like let's see you again by them shh he's incredibly prolific as well yes us enormous yaitah a good stuff little thing just a mentioned apparently read it might go public in 2020 which i thought was what kind of it in other news water is what what a silicon valley company that took two hundred million dollars in funding is thinking of ipo owing the craziness who would have thought i actually don't they i don't think ipo's as common as you might think i don't think they're extremely coporate about companies who have taken two hundred million dollars he'd been or will you figure that was a present of some.

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