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The ghostly figures were seen again in nineteen, Sixty, eight by group of tourists, trying to find the right road toward the be. They assume they'd seen a group of officials, reenactment actors, walking roadside, and so it was pointed out that they were actually crossing the site of the battle of itself at night. During the nineteen seventies, one writer lived in a farmhouse on the edge of the battle site parts of which date back to the right period. And throughout childhood, the sound of men screaming in the cash of Armagh was a normal evening sound for them we. She became so accustomed to the. She would pay attention to it. Interesting May, she described to have a sounds could be heard all year round, but became even more noticeably active around the anniversary of the battle each year. In nineteen ninety two drivers once again reported seeing bedraggled wavy, looking soldiers will long wrote. So! If you do happen to be driving around there at night, please take a camera with you. You might be well lucky enough to get true ghost wage growth. And finally I thought it this month telling you about a recent correspondence. I had which would appear my next book. These haunted times volume two, which will hopefully be out in another six months say. My witness told me about his experiences living in Bell. Rowen Bolduc half in the UK. The, heinous wife married in nine, hundred, seventy three..

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