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It's your job for the next year and a half to be an assistant coach and make Jaren is as good as you possibly can be. I to me, I guess if I were them even though Conley's significantly better player than Gasol. I would be more motivated to move Conley van Gosol based on how much I think they could get back, and then how much I think that they might be able to help differentiate is in other ways the single funniest into that what they should do is trade calmly and then use that cap space. Take on bad deals, and this is something that that Moore has hammered over and over again like the play for some of these small market teams is to use keys to open up cap space, and then take on bad contracts and try to stockpile as many picks as possible. And I think that should be the blueprint for the next two or three years at Memphis and sorta like see how many assets you can you can accumulate and then and then just go to draft and try to build a team that will be able to compete in two thousand twenty one and two thousand twenty two and I think clearing the calmly space will give them enough room to do that. And take on like, the part, the Jabari Parker of the world or whatever. Yeah. No question about it. Now, the my final Gosol thought, though is that the single funniest Casale trade idea is also like fairly plausible. What if what if he gets traded for his brother again, what if it's Marcus all to senatorial for Pao Casale filler, and you basically undo the huge blockbuster that you know, made everyone so. Mad at the grizzlies back in in the Lakers days with with Powell go into LA. And now you've got demar derozen. Lamarcus Aldridge and Marcus all as your core of just you know, we're going to try to grind you up in mid Rangers. And yes, slow you down festively like it's not crazy as it. Well, I support that idea because I don't know what the hell the Spurs do, but they're able to extend guys careers about three or four years longer than anyone would have ever expected. And I think we're seeing pal hit the end of that line. And so he's kind of like he's got one foot in the grave, basketball wise, but it would be also dec- CNN Tonio exhume Marcus, Saul bring him back to life for a couple of years because like the good version of Marcus oil is really really fun to watch Powell was done when he got to San Antonio. And if somehow he's still playing. Yeah. Well, he had kind of like a year or two there where he looked. Okay. I still have no idea why they paid him when he hit free agency of leave that was the summer before this one. But wasn't wasn't a great idea at the time. It hasn't worked out. But yes, walk him for Mark bring him in. And I have no idea how the hell the Spurs continue to win. So let's just like continue to suspend disbelief and watch them try to pull it off. I think if I could have any dream trades. It would be Marcus oil to the Spurs. Mike Conley to the jazz. Keep all the grit and grind in-house with the winning franchises that play the right way, and writes funny stories, do you think New Orleans is desperate enough to get in on either of these guys because like are they with shades of light the two thousand eighteen Cavaliers where it's like we have to like put together a win around the Bron. This is our last chance we've got to do it. And you look at the he's injured right now, they've still said they're not. Gonna trade him. He hasn't asked for trade. Don't you pretty much have to go for broke this season for the pelicans? And like show him that you're not just a franchise that led boogie out the door that you are serious about trying to build a winner around him. Like, could you see a scenario where they make a deal for Conley? And now they're backward. Conley. And drew in their cores commonly drew Davis..

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