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Crosstown clinic is doing some renovations this month the knocking down walls and expanding the pharmacy and they hope that this will let them squeeze at least thirty more patients in dr mcdonald says just about every day someone will come up and knock on the window looking to get an but for now cross town is an exclusive club and membership is closed heroin town was produced by sam fan gordon caddick alexander kim and travis looping of the podcast cited visit their website cited podcasts dot com for more stories about how research shapes our lives life of the loss senior producers tony and are postproduction editors are cures to inch as with heidel and rachel came our engineer was howard gilman of kqed radio in san francisco the music in this episode was composed by producer in costs if you like stories about the law that have gotten tripped up by the legal system tune into life of the law on i tunes take a few minutes to post your review like us on facebook and follow us on twitter each time we publish new episode we send everyone who subscribe to our newsletter ah behind the scenes look at life of the law that includes notes from our reporters and news about upcoming investigative reports we're a nonprofit project of the tide center and were part of the panoply network of podcasts from slate you can also find life of the law on p r ex public radio exchange were funded by the open society foundations the law and society association and the national science foundation were also funded by eu visit our website life of the law dot org and make a very much appreciated donation.

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