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Here's that opportunity i think there's a skullshaver with your name on it thing so your daughter in here it's time i e pools forecast hello everybody well here's how your night is shaping up here we've got overnight low temperatures similar around the upper forty so it's going to have a bit of a cool field to things still some showers kind of meandering around that will be the case throughout the night and for a portion of your day tomorrow as well so we're looking for a high around sixty six degrees as we wrap up tomorrow son will be at a premium but we do have a shot over the weekend they have it in the komo weather center i'm steve pool cloudy and sixty one degrees in seattle king county has completed samuel homeless count and the number of people living in shelters or even outside is going up we get more from komo's jeff pohjola this is something with county does every year account of each and every person living on the streets kyra resil strays with the group all home issues counters resulted in twelve thousand one hundred and twelve individuals sheltered and unsheltered engine county this is a four percent increase over twenty seventeen and that actually marks hey the slowest increase that we've seen in the last four years so again any number of people experiencing homelessness is too many biggest increases were also among single adults and an increase in chronic homelessness by twenty three percents fit within that number are so very startling statistics six thousand three hundred and twenty individuals were unsheltered in our community on the night of january twenty six this includes people living on the street and cars rv's and vans and abandoned buildings and intense and encampments sanctioned and unsanctioned locations fifteen percent increase but if you're seeing fewer and fewer tents there's a reason you saw an increase of forty six percent of people living in vehicles vehicle residency this means people living in their cars in rv's and in vans and this increases happening throughout the region not just in the city of seattle but all parts of king county but there is.

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