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Espn app by jim basketball and back to baseball max scherzer made his third career opening day starting the previous to eat allowed just two earned runs total mad max back at it max has the sign for matt leaders rocks chick sandeel swaying struck him out with a fastball so he gets his ten th strikeout it is i started the year he's in double digits in strikeouts with one out of the fifth inning sixty fifth career double figure strikeout game yeah he was dealing nationals radio network sherzer combined with three relievers on a seventy hitter nats blank reds two to nothing he struck out ten while holding cincinnati the four singles and a double he pitches swing there's a high drive and a deep right center field back there panic strikes again unbelievable can be are for the second straight game joe panic solo home run the games load off edge johnny cueto to relievers combined and a one eight or giants again blanked the dodgers one to nothing pitch and as all lined out into left center this could be yet here comes running and run real store the marlins walk at all one also hit up the middle by us the winning run has stores ending this seventeen inning ballgame nine forty winz miguel row house the game winner in the seventeenth fish outlast the cubs two to one we take you back to a classic between notre dame and uconn when sportscenter allnight return stay with us.

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