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I'm all for being patient okay if he's not if if it's not close and he's not ready and colt mccoy is nowhere near able to even be backup. Do they need another quarterback. You can still put up backup if if keenum gets hurt and you've got to put them out there with a truly protected simplified simplified game plan. You can do that. Come on i he. I don't see by the way him being so far removed from playing being in an n._f._l. Game i believe time in his in his thoughts talking to gruden and everybody that they don't think he's anywhere near ready and that's fine but we haven't seen a guy that scared that skittish that looks like he can't do it like he can't go in there and hand off or throw quick bubble scream he could do that three three you know ten times a game if required and so you don't think he's got a little john belk enema no. I don't think he's got any john on beckenham. John belk needed five pairs underwear before he went out in a regular season game. He was so frightened and terrified no askins. I think i'm doing a worst case scenario situation but i think i think it's the worst case scenario that could easily happen and and i just don't think you want to be forced to play. This kid at quarterback before you think he's ready. In other words. He needs to be third quarterback back. The third quarterback going into the season and if cole mccoy is not your second. You need another quarterback okay well. That would really if you think about this. Okay think about think about in the next few days. Colt mccoy is just unhealthy they throw them on i r popper whatever or or or they released him or whatever and now they go out and sign who who are the veteran quarterbacks that are available like right now. All are there any veteran quarterbacks that haven't signed. You know like wh where's jake locker. These days like who's out there right now. You know where's where's tyrod. Taylor is he on a roster josh josh mccown. I think aaron just got picked up by. Somebody who lost a quarterback didn't he. Yes he ah yes. He did the jets. I want to say no the eagles the eagles by the way tommy imagine this imagine they signed trevor simian if he hasn't signed with anybody brock osweiler if he hasn't signed with anybody imagine the colin kaepernick discussion. Why didn't you sign up for nick. They don't need any of that. If cold can't go oh dwayne haskins is the backup and they're going with two quarterbacks okay. I think that would be crazy reaction to that to them. Signing well they do actually have a quarterback on the roster the guy clendenin or whatever his name is yeah yeah and knuckleheads. There's always mark sanchez. They can put a jury in alex smith and have the emergency quarterback. Did you see alex smith long long before cole. Mccoy is walking around with one of those medieval type things on his legs. You don't believe that we love cole. Don't and we like alex too. I wanna both to be healthy but look to me. I'm not a huge keenum fan. I am a bigger keenum fan than i am. A mccoy fan <hes> <hes> they're both dead ends the sooner you can get this guy ready to go in and be as you know is competent is either one of them the better for this franchise moon forward. I did the you know the go ahead the funny part. Though is the sooner you you do that and i think this is the way you're thinking the sooner you know whether he can play quarterback or not the sooner you can move on from him and draft another quarterback next year. That's part of it. That is now now. I i don't know how much look it would have to be really disastrous right. You know he'd have to start it would ten plus games in appear to not have any chance of developing into a guy and i doubt we're going to get that with him. First of all everything we're hearing and i know we heard this about r._g..

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