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He's the kind of got to come to one of my dinners like forty people for like another dinner haven't been invited to fuck it dinners you mentioned i needed to get fucking invite over here and he won't speak to anyone he won't say a fucking word it's hard not to talk for two hours whatever or talk to himself and he just like he's just he's just not comfortable like he's like eminem in a way in public so going on his jewelry is death lean up to with with with the dope shit i made to go to the v it's tough because there's so many pieces that i love and we're talking about celebrities now but i'll say this i retired in october two thousand sixteen because i was so sick and making jewelry and i was so sick of all the bullshit and i hate it where mumble rap and all this shit was going to join me crazy i think it gave me fucking gas game he just made me sick and i can't stand hearing yet yeah yeah yeah and like that's sixteen bars right there you said yeah yeah and i'm like yo bro like what fucking label clear this fucking song crazy so going on i retired in december as africa it's me up and he's like yo it's time and i was like it's not time 'cause i'm done he goes listen my boy i follow you on my space on my homeboys gave you an art piece we started going deep he's like this is before assad mile was even created right i know about your history i know you dame dash walk with each other heavy way back in the day he was part of the rockefeller og found the bubbler and his harlem you he's like bro is yams day on january sixteenth whatever and i was like okay and he goes i make this piece he sends me this yambol jeannie p which is lamborghini yoga but as sappy bull on there and i'm like.

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