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It, Jim Bohannon show Welcome back to Jimbo had a chilled 186 expire. Bo Jimbo 1866505 or 6 to 6, this time around the two houses of Congress since the American public in its wisdom chose to vote, the straight paralysis ticket. And put the Republicans in charge of the Senate of the Democrats in charge of the house and all of you who have voted that way. You've got no basis for whining. You created the problem. You can't make up your mind. You're part of the problem. But be that as it may, the president has now acted as we take some calls. We'll let me before we get into the details of everything that he's done or tried to do. Let's say you were the president and you had the inherent limitations of executive orders. What would you have done differently than what he did. Granted, it probably is inadequate and not what Congress could have and should have done But But, ah, the any act as well as he could have I here. Here's what surprises me. I did not see the president, um the other way he could have played it. Look in hindsight. If this breaks the law, Jim, it will look like a brilliant bit of political move. Brilliant statesmanship, but the other way I think he could have played it in earlier would have been to step up. And lean on, not the Democrats so much bling on the Republicans. And with that kind of pressure. I think there might have been a breakthrough earlier before the positions were so hardened. I mean, the Congress came back. I'm turning. It was July 20th. From its first summer. You know, Recent Remember, kindergartners and Congress are the only people that get recess anymore, But they came back July 20th. And they knew that on August 1st July 30th the stimulus the extended federal unemployment benefits I should say would end. So that was 10 days Now we're 10 days, father along I think the statesmanlike thing for any president who have done would have been to lean on his own party a little bit and become more actively involved in coming to some kind of compromise. So, but this was the way It's been played. Let me just make three quick points here. First of all the unemployment they were going to compromise on $400 anyway, the president decided to use Hurricane disaster relief fund and the way that disaster relief fund work legally is that the government commits a portion and the states must commit a portion, which is why you heard him say. I'm gonna give you $400 will actually 300 the States will have to chip in with 100. And then everybody said that the state don't really have enough money to do that. I mean, part of this whole thing was originally according to the Democrats give money to the states, So that was their position. So the president and tried to walk that back and say, Well, they could apply, and maybe we'll give him all $400 legally. He can't do that. If he's using the disaster relief fund, he can't create funds only Congress can, but he can appropriate that disaster relief fund but only on a shared basis. That's number one. Distant long moratorium. He was well within his rights to extend and for millions of Americans. Same. I've always said that the government is now borrowing for 10 years and 1/2 of 1% that millions of people, every paying student loans that rates of eight and nine and 10%. That's another story cycle We already talked about. It's telling people who already have jobs that they're going to get a tax break. Number one and number two. It does impact Social Security. And then this whole discussion. There wasn't a moratorium on evictions. From federally financed property that expired at the end of July. Also, and the president made it look like in what he said. And I had to look into this that there was going to be a continued moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. But in fact, he just said, I'm going to talk to my housing people and make sure that they do something about these evictions and foreclosures, so it didn't get everybody wound up. It's going to get all our callers wound up is not about whether he was right or wrong. He there's some stuff. Maybe he can do legally. I don't want to challenge that in court. That's not where our attention should be focused. It should be focused on not only the things he did, but all the things that were left undone. Stimulus payments shouldn't be again should be for the same people, more people, fewer people the same amount of money. That's a week that Congress to be doing and programs for businesses. Do we want to rescue the airlines? That's a legitimate will know that simile areas that that you could look at some of the previous things that they have. The Democrats have put into this catch All Santa Claus package..

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