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Scream I just started through. Yes this is like music to my ears here because I'm just speaking to court this morning actually about how and I know there's a touch of Romanticism going on here but I was speaking about this idea that in the eighties. When I first started playing tennis the wasn't not much tennis on TV. But it was on our record as much as I could. I recalled a remember when Vj VHS tapes you by CEO or tapes or five. You know that stuff. I saved up my pocket money off five or to record end of season called NABISCO masters. Is The world tour finals. As we knew it was Landau Versus Becker. Nineteen Eight. It turned into this classic match. I honestly burnt not pay like I I would watch. It reminded watch. It reminded just any spare time was watching it and the point of making this coach this morning is an it could be overly nostalgic. But I don't believe that the children nowadays love the game. The way that we did neither could be a few people like. They're arguing that and that's fine but they don't study the game and and I tell them the benefits of watching imagining them being that player and back to stuff. We probably did as kids naturally like maybe it was football for you ever tennis for me. It would be. I'll be Aker. Ub McEnroe. I'll be becker. You'd be Lendl I'll be you know an you would practice things that they would do because you were role. Playing the fact they were like a volume. I never said volleyed but when I was Boris Becker volleyed and kids. You see them the ones that do watch Tennessee copying the mannerisms choke exactly how the players play Not so succeed to lending actually. Cd of scientific resets going into what you've done as a teenager. Cds Reception is called Action Observation and research finds you can rapidly increase the rate of laminate if you use option observation to know but you have to walk and the key is you're GonNa Watch it being done properly if you want. You've been on crates and crates on unconnected than into the brain. So the wrong if you watch unrepentant. I'm talking dozens and dozens. I did over fifty thousand things off extremist. Most studies have people. Doing Maybe Watch something a twenty times and then watch another way. Times in another twenty times and then visualized so it's like maybe sixty teams your what something possession and then almost all the action observation studies for. Tennis Golf Basketball. You name it wherever the past ever anything. That involves a mechanical movement wherever that Mechanical Movement as almost all of the studies show that action observation rapidly and vastly increasing Speed of landing of physical coordinated movement. And I knew that s why I did it with the research It's a great point for coaches because I think a lot of tennis players instinctively cook on what they don't do so well so if you let's say you have a little habit that you don't follow through on your hand in it crosses your body in you and the amount of kids that make that mistake when you get tight and then they'll do is if you walk in back to the baseline and they'll be they'll be replaying the bad shop in their mind like literally gesturing it. Yeah and I'm like well you've actually just played got short. Once it with a ball just played another three times before you go back to the baseline reinforcing. The wrong image which to we'd guests has the same effect but in the office. Directing has the same effect. That really what we should be finding is what we talked to. Elliott finding a way to change how you feel about it. If you're gonNA visualize anything just quickly imagine what you would have done from a lack space. 'cause what you've done chain you've re framed in your mind so that you're not feeling angry not feeling hot or stressed about it. No you're using US as a strategy narrow while is the margin myself another lap state note fling not show absolutely wonderfully wanted. Al Do two or three times in my head before I know. Take neck show. Yeah and I was remembered. The the Williams sisters were amazing for that when newburgh earlier in their career at times they make a mistake and they'd instantly gesture should have done or could have done in terms of cleaning destroyed and always struck me. That would make a mistake. Just shadow the correct version before they start the next point Oviously tapped into this at some point in the career. The this was a question I was going to throw you. Because you mentioned the prefrontal Cortex to this is something that I've heard on several podcasts. In the last year or so and it would be. I'm pretty sure you'll know what it is but I would like someone. Explain it in Layman's terms to me and it related to court. And it was the I can't remember his name now but he is a fairly famous breen. Dr For lack of a better expression and he was one of the ones that pioneered doing brain. Scans to check all these different things that you've talked to. And he said we'll be tied. Anyone expediencies Uber Fame. Before the frontal cortex frontal lobes are food developed. Are Your frontal lobes more that will frontal looks at the pizza to both of you that ability to to be able to be in the moment down presence it also when stressful situations happening you can overrule the strategy overall environment in the context and stay centered and balanced and so when Is If you get famous before you can handle it if you can be president enough to be yourself. Yup and that's why you will be tied because the frontal lobes such a big role in pitiable to control yourself able to stay centered and focused with Gaba this situation environment. Perfect the upset. It's so many people but it to me slightly that can have. Can you the gist of it? But I didn't know the exact science behind. It happens at a big one for tennis and again any ten spears listening or coaches listening. Now you knew clears that think they are and Jack? Ladder have achieved something before they've actually done. An early could be like fifteen years old. Win a big tournament and they. They've arrived to stir trying to keep president. Keep if you on the ground and so on frontal lobe. Just a part of the PREFRONTAL CORTEX. Just help you. To to maintain calm and pleasant. You Look Fanta. For example. Over the years homemade. The Dowell and I'm the Israeli Novak can how many times over the years they've been able to maintain a presence in Gaza Southie the moment facing the or the context. Even the losing I invite. You need a well. Developed Frontal Lobes of beef to be able to do that with a well developed. Frontal CORTEX couldn't do not see to anyone who wants to get to the top anything you've got to do you go. What your frontal lobes frontal Cortex in one of the base we as is as well as king attention to everything you do your attention to all the structure and really get everything your maximum focus also practice meditation. Mindfulness as an extra backup. Because you're always walking on building the strength from the Bolton Could is there a logic in that someone who has a healthy perspective or self worth for example? Attach attach their self worth to something like being kind to others is. They're logic in that. Also helping develop the frontal lobes in a sense if you if you have a healthy sense of self worth then. It's easier to plan your attention to any situation because your mind is less distracted on needing people to light you at approval of ought to get justification You generally find that if you've got a better sense of self worth value in your better is easier to be present in any situation. Slice of an internal distractions. The mind warned those all. The time is easier to pleasanton focused. When you huckleberry sense of self worth It strikes me I'd love to have had in dials. Scans when he was maybe twenty two twenty three. Because you know if I'm led to believe correctly these frontal lobes in males normally if fully developed right twenty six twenty seven years old and he females may be a little bit earlier and this was the context I was thinking of. Antennas is that there's a big shift and I believe in tennis players. When we get to that age over sudden you hear them getting interviewed and they have us a better sense of perspective quite often. It can correlate with either being married or having children so if you look at tennis players Rafeh Sorry Roger and the Nova. All of them had great periods of play after they had children because IRV hoerr values will be relying no be though. Have that whole sense of perspective tennis not being the bill and Endel so it has Rafeh always seem to have had it from a very young age because it seemed to be drummed into him that you have to be humble you have to ensure spag and be a humility influence. I'd love to have Scannel By lending humility respect. What does it help she? To main Saint Tutton in focused in balance and thought will call it correlate with increased optioning of the frontal lobes the frontal CORTEX Jodi. And there's new player I think history. That's plead or competed. In every point has relentlessly as rough you know in terms of being able to just reset and go again. He's the player recently. Somebody say if if you had one player to play for your life it would get you one hundred percent and every single points and that that also correlates with the frontal cortex looks ability to concentrate. Luckily it's like a muscle. No the stone gotta muscle as the more weight. You can left your stronger. The prefrontal CORTEX is the more you can focus in the barrier. Focus for the of what? The situation is irrevocable. If you scan these grain would probably have a super powerful frontal cortex frontal lobes and that comes out of practice practice of of things like breathing and bring attention but also practice are paying attention to every you're doing because you don't necessarily have to mindfulness opposite.

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