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Right you've heard but does bryant is looking for a home is looking for a team to play for he wants to stain the division you want does brian teammate i would say this i want anybody a teammate is going to help us win today is about that w nothing more nothing less you come in to you know bring that which you sure man was me those guys i get this other than that man i'll good today i think he's a competitor highs level he tried to compete every time we go out there for the football he tried to get it at the highest point and like i said before when he catches one he's fine up catching three those three turn and six and six turn twelve so he's an engine once he gets going but you know who knows man he's working out with guys so hopefully everything work out and come to foolish for him josh will wrap this up with another dancing question because i know that your partner is gonna come to virginia so she's gonna work into the ota schedule but how does the dancing thing relate to the football thing oh my gosh feet footwork i think everything deals with that when you a defensive back as you work and you have to be light on your feet like a feather and for me right now i'm finding those niches never used them my body with strengthen in the ankles and in the cass are bowl gene.

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