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The taco emoji for instance taco bell lobbied really hard for that one to pass the interracial couple emoji that was from tinder hiking. Boots brought to you in part by timberland's the beaker and microbe emoji popular this year. Ge funded those even the mosquito emoji mono- guests who pushed for that one was it like off the repellent people a good idea but no i think so bill and melinda gates foundation behind this one but jenny says the way that ford kind of went about the process kind of subcontracting their proposal to s seeming truck enthusiasts at an ad agency without any clearly to the company that has led her and others to call for a change in the emoji proposal process transparency. What's really important is to. We wanna know where that money generally is coming from air grenier at ford social media says the company did not intentionally obscure it's role. Ingesting the pickup emoji. It simply did not want to publicize it until it was a done. Deal at the time of publication dwayne. The rock johnson has still not responded to multiple requests for comment. But if you hear this mr rock please get in touch. We can always do a follow up. Call us if you want to know more about where emoji come from. A new documentary called the emoji story. Produced by jennifer lately is now available online. This episode of the indicator was produced by jamila. Still fact checked by sam sei. The indicator is edited by paddy hirsch and is a production of npr..

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